Have Courage and Be Kind

Here’s my beef with the new Disney movies coming out today – or at least with the people who say that “for once Disney is doing things right”. Sure Frozen was fun, Maleficent was… well Angelina Jolie did a good evil laugh, and Moana was powerful. But what’s the deal calling the old Princesses weak and pathetic? What’s weak about femininity, gentleness, and kindness?


Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly,
Lavender’s green

Obviously we get the “You can’t marry someone you met in a day” joke, but that’s why it’s called a fairytale. I don’t agree with this new lesson people want to teach their kids now, that the only way to be a strong person is to not need a man and to be outspoken and different. While those are all wonderful qualities and traits to have, and while I agree with all of them, there is also strength in choosing your battles, trying to see the very best in people, and quietly keeping your head high when times get tough. Disney of old still has some wonderful and beautiful things to say. Why can’t we listen to them too?

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A Beauty but a Funny Girl

Belle is my favorite Princess for very obvious reasons. I relate with the fact that:

  1. She loves to read.
  2. She can multitask while reading.
  3. She longs for adventure in the great wide somewhere.
  4. She doesn’t settle for handsome narcissistic jerks like Gaston.
  5. She falls in love with a person’s heart and mind, not what they look like.
  6. She would do anything for the people that she loves.
  7. She’s a daddy’s girl.
  8. Sometimes she’d rather be alone than in a village full of people who don’t understand her.
  9. She puts strength and faith in what she believes in.
  10. She isn’t afraid of standing up for herself and for those who need standing up for.

“A Beauty but a Funny Girl”

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Fairytales are for Adults too

As a little girl, I grew up thinking that I was a Princess. Not because I had everything, but because my parents always taught me to believe that I could be anything. And because I was a typical little girl, what I wanted to be was a Disney Princess. Eventually, I wanted to be a Gryffindor. Then a Rivendell Elf. Then a Rebel Pilot. And with every book I picked up and every movie I watched, I wanted to be something different. And through those stories, I did exactly what my parents said I could do. I went on grand adventures, and I became everything that I wanted to be.


“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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