Potter Portrait Series 2020

A few months back, I found myself looking at my Spectrespecs and my Quibbler realizing that despite having the right props, I had never done a decent Luna Lovegood look. Since I am a Gryffindor, most of my Harry Potter clothes are in our signature scarlet and gold. So I didn’t really have anything proper to wear for any other character or House.

Then I was struck with an idea. I didn’t have anything in the Ravenclaw colors, but I did have a lot of pink. So I thought, why don’t I create a Luna look – but instead of her as a Hogwarts student, I could do her adult version instead?

I had so much fun recreating her look that I decided to make it a whole series – reimagining Harry Potter characters all grown up. And so #Potterin2020 was born.

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