When Will My Life Begin Series 2020

Tangled turns 10 today! Can you believe it?

Rapunzel is probably the Disney Princess I identify with most because of her hobby-hoarding (lol), dream-chasing, lively personality, and overall aesthetic (I love all pastel colors especially pink and purple, and I love flowers so this project was an absolute joy for me).

So I was inspired to start this little celebratory Disneybound series for her big anniversary – #WhenWillMyLifeBegin2020. Since I’ve been in quarantine for most of the year already, I figured I’d show a bit of love to the quarantine Princess by taking all these photos at home, and sharing a bit about myself through Punzie’s opening jam.

Seven A.M the usual morning lineup

Starting from the very first line of the song – I am also an early riser. When I was younger, I survived sleeping at 4 or 5 am daily (because I was out somewhere with friends) and waking up at 7am the next day to go to school. While I am not quite as strong as that anymore (lol hello adulthood), I wake up even earlier now and enjoy getting things done before breakfast. Be it a workout, or tidying up the house, or answering emails – I love being able to have the rest of my day for other, more fun things.

I always feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day, and I think despite being in quarantine, Punzie and I feel the same way.

For this outfit, I chose a lilac floral off shoulder crop, a purple tutu, a pink belt, and one of my favorite flower crowns that I made for a Tokyo Disneyland trip.

I also lined my balcony with a floral garland in the signature Tangled colors. Also, you’ll see a lot of editing on the walls in this series. (I’m not great at it yet, but if you want to know how I did it just let me know! I can do a whole blog about it)

And so I’ll read a book, or maybe two or three 

I’ve definitely been a bibliophile all my life. When I was 6, I was in already in a book club. Granted, there were only 2 members – just me and my mom lol, but I had a magical childhood because of it. We would go through books like Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women, and because of her influence, I developed my own beautiful relationship with books as I got older. ⁣

I went through most of the classics (like those by the Bronte Sisters, J.D. Salinger, George Orwell, Victor Hugo, and Charles Dickens), but I truly fell in love with LOTR, Harry Potter, and everything Jane Austen. To this day I find so much joy in discovering something new and staying up til dawn to finish it. But like Punzie I also reread my collection as often as I can. ⁣

Books have taken me on so many adventures, both on the page and off. ⁣

For this bound, I wanted to shoot in the place I read the most – on my bed. So I went with this light pink pajama set, a pair of pink, starry organza socks, and a dainty floral hair accessory.

Also, spot some of my favorite books on the bed, a lavender scarf, and of course – Rapunzel’s famous frying pan.

I’ll play guitar

I’ve never played the guitar (as you can probably tell from how I am holding it lol). However, my life has been filled with music since before I was born. When my mom was pregnant with me, she was bedridden for months and actually watched The Sound of Music at least once a day. So you can imagine the kind of child I ended up becoming lol. ⁣

⁣Growing up, I took part in school plays and joined our school’s competing choir, but it was the many Musical Theater workshops and performances I did off-campus that made me truly fall in love with the arts. Which is why instead of pursuing law as I originally intended, I followed my heart and majored in Voice Performance in the University of the Philippines’ College of Music. And while I don’t play any instrument well, I did minor in Piano, so I mean – I know what to press when I’m given sheet music at least lol. ⁣

Today I have come to learn that I love teaching music more than performing it, and I am actually seriously considering higher education in both Music Education/Music Therapy and Theatre Production/Directing – more new dreams!

Since Punzie’s musical aspect reminds me so much of my college days, I wanted to wear something young, fun, and comfy. I’ve been really into overalls lately (because I am aging backwards lol), so I got me a lilac pair to go with a purple turtleneck, some pink sneaks, and a few flowers in my hair.

For my setting, since my outfit was so simple I shot this on my favorite floral love seat, and surrounded myself with posters of the Disney prince I would marry in a heartbeat – Flynn Ryder.

Sew a dress!

I’ve loved dressing up for as long as I can remember. From Princess dresses to Hogwarts robes, I’ve always found so much joy in visualizing outfits and seeing them come together perfectly. I think there is a lot of power in being able to wear what makes you happy, and for me that has always meant fandom-related clothes. ⁣

In fact, it is my love for costumes and fandoms that taught me how to sew to begin with. Born from a desire to make Arwen’s dress, I took everything I ever learned from my mom and home ec, combined it with serious geek passion and a can-do attitude, and made it all by hand. From then on I was hooked. I have made almost all my Disneybounds to date, and I’m not stopping there. ⁣

Last year, I actually enrolled in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines to learn formally. And when the world is safe again I plan to finally open my own shop too. This is why I love Punzie – she teaches us that there is no limit to new dreams. ⁣

So for this outfit of course I had to go chic. I put on my lavender blazer and trouser set, and wore a light pink tee and my suede blush pink booties with it. To complete the look, I topped it off with my “Best Day Ever” beret.

I also used this dressform that I spray painted gold.

A bit of ballet

I was actually a ballet dancer for most of my childhood. When I was in high school, I received a scholarship from Ballet Philippines, and actually had to choose between pursuing it professionally and finishing school. Since scholars were expected to train at 3pm everyday, and my school finished at 4:30pm, it became impossible for me to continue dancing unless I gave up a regular education. I finally ended up quitting.

Years later through a strange twist of fate, I discovered Flamenco and fell in love. I went to Spain to study in Escuela Amor de Dios in Madrid, and performed and taught professionally for several years. Flamenco is still one of my greatest and best adventures. I met several of my idols and even studied under them, I got to perform with incredible musicians, I formed partnerships with the best artists in their respective fields, and I even staged a Flamenco musical a few years ago.

Dancing has, and will always be an incredible part of my life.

I mean, of course I had to go with a tutu right? Lol.

For my ballet outfit, I chose this gorgeous gradient pink and purple skirt, a pink wrap top that I actually use for Flamenco, and a light purple sash. For my hair, I braided in a lavender ribbon.

Also, for my Disney friends in WDW, yes that is the art that can be found in the Tangled bathrooms. Lol. Out of all my edits so far, this is the one I am most proud of.

I’ll paint the walls some more

Okay, out of this entire series, Punzie’s painting is the one I can do least.

I can only wish that I had the talent to paint my own walls the way hers look, because that would be a dream come true. I know she was imprisoned and everything but man I love her tower. Lol.

So while I am not a painter (apart from the TWO paintings I did for my high school elective which I will post in my Instagram Stories), I do love working with my hands. I do a lot of crafts and random projects on the daily, and this particular hobby helped me start my events company.

For my Disneybound, I wanted to go full boho artist. I chose my lavender maxi skirt (actually a Flamenco skirt lol), and to go with it, a light pink pouffy off shoulder top, a lavender belt, and of course – flowers in my hair.

You may be wondering why I chose to end with this particular bound considering I am not actually a painter. Well, it’s because of what that those particular lyrics represent.

“I’ll paint the walls some more, I’m sure there’s room somewhere”.
I’ve always admired Punzie’s ability to make the most of any situation. She didn’t mope around all day because she was stuck in her tower. She did productive things to fill up her time, and stayed positive while doing so. She kept believing in her dream, and had the courage to change it when the situation called for it. And even with something as simple having no space left on her wall, she used her creativity to not just find it, but make it.

With the way life has been lately, the walls can seem small and full, but if there’s anything Rapunzel has taught us, it’s that there is always a corner or a small spot that we have yet to explore.

That’s the kind of dreamer that I want to be.

Happy Anniversary Tangled!


4 thoughts on “When Will My Life Begin Series 2020

  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    I am a bookworm- enjoyed reading as a child, and then eventually became a bookworm

    I was around music my whole life as well- contemporary christian music and musical theatre are my favorite genres of music.

    I actually do play an instrument- piano


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