Truly Magical: Duffy and Friends Lookbook

Okay, I knowwww. It’s been months.

But a lot has been going on. I’ve suffered some major losses, but also had some pretty big wins. It feels like my life has gone from completely static the first months of quarantine to constant change. All in all, the world has been crazy and scary and just a little too overwhelming to navigate through, so I’ve been putting off writing a lot.

I’ve still been pretty active on Instagram though – maybe not as much as I used to be but there is definitely more movement there than there has been here. And it’s that time of the year when the whole Disney community is abuzz with the annual Disneybound challenge, so it’s been inspiring me a bit more to create as well.

That’s why I’m back after a bit of a hiatus with another Disneybound lookbook. One of the prompts for the challenge is Comfy + Cozy, and I thought Duffy and Friends would be the perfect characters for this theme.

I will admit, I was never a big Duffy and Friends fan. I thought they were cute and cuddly and their merch in Tokyo Disney was absolutely adorable, but I could never get into the story – much less the hype.

I couldn’t say no to the famous passholders though (those little purses that can hardly hold anything but, well – your Disney pass). They’re just such a staple for Tokyo Disney. And of course if I was going to say yes to those, I had to say yes to the ears too because that’s just Disney law. Lol. So it was these fluffy things that inspired me to finally Disneybound each character.

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