Be You Girl.

It’s International Women’s Day!

And after watching the Academy Awards, and well, all that’s been happening with the world lately, I remembered this little piece I wrote for Portkey Events when we first started. Two years later, and this is still exactly what I want to say. Here’s to every woman in the world. Be strong. Be you.


Hermione wasn’t bossy. She was strong, and smart, and unafraid to stand up for what was right. Luna wasn’t weird. She was insightful, and loving, and brave. Ginny wasn’t weak. She was fearless, and clever, and kind.

These were the women we looked up to growing up. These were the women who taught us that being a woman does not, and should never limit you to what society dictates. A woman can be strong without being bossy, a woman can be quiet and insightful without being weird, a woman can be kind without being weak, and a woman can be herself without being less than a man.

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