ColourPop’s Disney Collections: How to Wear It Like A True Disney Princess (or Villain)

ColourPop has done it: Disney makeup for Disney grown ups. It’s like Disney Princess dolls for adults, except the doll is now you lol.

I was never much of a makeup fan. In fact, I only learned and started to wear makeup in my late 20s. And even when I really got into it, up until recently I’d only been using one small tray of makeup everyday. That was until ColourPop decided to release two amazing Disney collections, and my sad little lonesome makeup tray became a magical makeup drawer.


Since there is both a Disney Princess collection and a Disney Villains collection, I decided to put together a Disney Style outfit and a makeup look for each.

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Truly Magical: Toy Story Lookbook

Toy Story has such a special place in my heart. Although I am a big fan of the series myself, it is the movies’ connection to my little brother that I cherish most.

“I can’t stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

When my brother was a kid, the only movie he ever wanted to watch was Toy Story. For about a year, he would ask me to rewind that VHS for him at least thrice a day. (Yes young ones you read that right – VHS. Go google it lol). I practically memorized every single scene and have probably said the words “You. Are. A. Toy” more times than Tom Hanks himself. Heck, I even used Woody’s speech in one of my school monologues and I got an A without having to lift a finger. That’s how often Toy Story was played in our house. And funnily enough despite of that, I never got sick of it.

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Truly Magical: Tarzan 20th Anniversary Lookbook

If you feel old reading that title, then you probably know that Tarzan is one of Disney’s most underrated films. It doesn’t really get the love it deserves. The characters are beautifully written, the story is hilariously – and at the same time heartwarmingly told, and the music by Phil Collins is breathtaking. What’s not to love?

So today I’m giving it all the love it deserves by paying tribute to one of Tarzan’s most interesting characters: Jane Porter.


Before relatable characters like Rapunzel and Anna, there was Jane Porter from Tarzan. The kooky but kind, loud but sweet, unladylike lady Jane.

“And I was SAVED. I was saved by a flying, wild man in a loincloth!”  

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Disney Prinsesa: My Disney Princess-inspired looks for Philippine Independence Day

Growing up as a young Filipina, there was not a single Disney Princess that looked like me.

But I always found something I could relate to in each of them – qualities, morals, and values that I could find myself in even with my brown skin. Disney always made me feel like a Princess not because I looked like one, but because I was taught to dream like one. And though Disney always got the inside covered, I have always wondered about the outside – what would a Filipina Disney Princess look like?


“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Walt Disney

Today we celebrate Philippine Independence Day. And I’ve decided to answer this question by combining what I’ve related to most in these beautiful characters with both Disney Princesses’ and Filipino style.

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