ColourPop’s Disney Collections: How to Wear It Like A True Disney Princess (or Villain)

ColourPop has done it: Disney makeup for Disney grown ups. It’s like Disney Princess dolls for adults, except the doll is now you lol.

I was never much of a makeup fan. In fact, I only learned and started to wear makeup in my late 20s. And even when I really got into it, up until recently I’d only been using one small tray of makeup everyday. That was until ColourPop decided to release two amazing Disney collections, and my sad little lonesome makeup tray became a magical makeup drawer.


Since there is both a Disney Princess collection and a Disney Villains collection, I decided to put together a Disney Style outfit and a makeup look for each.


Disney Designer Collection


Disney Princesses are classic – just as my shirt reads. They always have that perfect no-makeup, makeup look that’s great for spontaneous singing and eyelash batting. So I decided to use the more neutral colors from the palette as well as a nude lip to create a modern day Princess look.


And let me tell you, this collection is AMAZING I was singing Disney songs the entire time I was putting it on.

The color pay-off of the entire eyeshadow palette and the supershock eyeshadows are a dream, the highlighters really give you that “Oh my skin just happens to glow from the inside because I’m a Princess” vibe, the lipstick colors not only fit every character they’re named after perfectly but also glide on smoothly, and the glosses even on their own are stunning. And don’t even get me started on this beautiful packaging. If this doesn’t bring out your inner Princess I don’t know what will.


For the outfit, I decided to go with something that echoed the makeup. Classic, but simple. I paired this Disney Princess shirt with blush suede shorts, a white pearl bracelet, a white pearl hair clip, and my silver Mickey ring.


Products used:


  • Base: Triton
  • Crease: Abu
  • Transition: Magic Carpet
  • Outer Corner: Beast
  • Inner Corner: Prince Charming
  • Highlight: Super Shock Shadow in So This is Love


  • Highlighter: Super Shock Cheek in Part of Your World


  • Lipstick: Ariel
  • Lipgloss: Ultra Glossy Lip in Bobbidi
“With a smile and a song, life is just a bright sunny day. Your cares fade away, and your heart is young”

– Snow White


Disney Villains Misunderstood


This look was a little out of my comfort zone. I’ve never really related to any villains, and I’ve always gone the more minimal route when it comes to makeup. So this green eyeshadow look was a pretty adventurous move for me even though I still kept the look pretty simple. But man did I have fun! I never ever saw myself doing something like this but now I can’t wait to try it again.


And this collection, just like the Princess one is absolute perfection. It’s a lot bigger than the first one as well. 6 villains with lipsticks, glosses, highlighters, and jelly much eyeshadows for each, as well as an eyeshadow palette and two body glitters that glide and stay on gorgeously.

And that’s what I really appreciate too – I wore this look the entire day in Manila heat, and even with the sweat my makeup was as strong as Maleficent’s sleeping curse. *Insert evil, triumphant laugh here*


For the outfit,  I felt like the mineral wash Villains shirt needed that extra push, so of course I went with a fitted black leather skirt, paired with all the gunmetal grey rings I own. I felt so badass the entire day. Yas Colourpop. Yas.


Products used:


  • Base: Tragic
  • Crease: Pain and Panic
  • Transition: Facile
  • Outer Corner: Jelly Much Eyeshadow in Not Today
  • Inner Corner: Mongrels
  • Highlight: Jelly Much Eyeshadow in Cursed


  • Highlighter: Super Shock Highligher in Mistress of All Evil


  • Lipstick: Dr. Facilier and Hades
  • Lipgloss: Ultra Glossy Lip in Hot Headed 

“Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” – Evil Queen

Now, I’m obviously not a makeup artist, nor am I the most adventurous when it comes to color. But if there’s anything this collection has done, it has made me want to try new things, play, and have fun. Now whenever I put on my Disney outfits, I’ve got my pixie dust right here.

Thank you, ColourPop, for reminding me that magic can be found in anything, even makeup.


* You can find the ColourPop x Disney Collections here

* Disney Princess and Villains shirts are both from Stradivarius


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