Into the Wild: Lion King Disney Style in Adventureland

I was never much of an Adventureland girl. Growing up, Disneyland always meant Fantasyland and Toontown for me. So every time I’d style my park outfits even as an adult, I’d mainly focus on those two lands with either Princess or Mickey Style. But with Lion King in theaters on the week of our Hong Kong trip, I decided to give Adventureland style a go for the very first time.


And I have to say, I think I’ve been converted. I don’t think I truly appreciated the theming and attention to detail of this place until I styled an outfit around it, and it was really fun to discover places that I never took photos in before.

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Pretty in Pink Disney Style: Gingham Galore!

I’ve always had a fascination with picnics. As a kid I remember putting together a simple basket (the one we used to store our fruits) with peanut butter sandwiches and iced tea, and heading to our neighborhood park ready to read and relax by the trees. Of course we didn’t have much of a park really. We did have a small playground with a nice little patch of grass, where I sat for all of 10 minutes before realizing that Manila heat and humidity wasn’t ideal for picnics.


Still, I’ve always been in love with the idea. And to this day whenever opportunity permits, I take picnics when I travel – or more likely, I dress like a picnic table instead. Lol.

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Andy’s Toy Box: Toy Story Land (Disneybound!)

Possibly my favorite outfits from the whole trip: Woody and Buzz!


I can’t even tell you how much getting to Disneybound these two meant to us.

After watching and crying over Toy Story 4 together, we got out of the cinema and stumbled upon 0917 – Globe Telecom’s clothing brand. After comparing ourselves to Buzz and Woody throughout the movie, seeing these items in the store got an immediate “yes” from us!

Even without a Disney trip or occasion planned, we knew we wanted to Disneybound our favorite duo together.

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Summer Disney Style: Sunny and Yellow

Just came from a short trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Went to Hong Kong for a business trip, in my company blazer and monochromatic clothes – but in my suitcase were brightly colored tops and sparkly ears lol. I wouldn’t normally schedule any kind of park trip in the height of summer, where it goes from scorching hot to scorching hot with rain every hour, but schedules aligned, so off to Disney we went.


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Pink Princess

Saved the best for last on this Tokyo Disney Style Blog.

I’ve been going to Disney in pink ever since I was a child. And before rose gold and millennial pink were a thing, blush was the color I’ve always felt prettiest and most confident in. So now that I’m older, I make sure that there is always at least one pink day – especially on my birthday trips.


And let me tell you, I think this may be the most pink outfit I’ve ever worn. And this includes the outfits my mom and I wore on our last Disney trip, which were already pretty extra.

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Toontown Bound

Okay, so this next one isn’t necessarily a bound, but more of a Disney style ensemble. It takes me back to those days as a kid where I’d go to the parks in a Mickey shirt and a hat and call it a day. This is what I would call a “ride day” outfit, because it’s practical for a whole day of gallivanting around the parks (not that I go on that many rides lol)


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Second day, second bound!

Once again I was faced with the challenge of coming up with our winter Disneybounds. Then I realized, when I think winter, I think snow! And just like that, we knew what our second bound was going to be:



Quite literally too. We really were frozen. It was the coldest day of our trip.

But you know, some people are worth melting freezing for, so we strapped on our warmest winter gear and ran around the best park in the world as Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

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Dogs of Disney

My annual birthday trip blog posts are here! In March. Lol.

For those of you who have been following along since last year, yes my birthday is in January. And yes. I am blogging late again. But see, the first two months of the year have been insane. There was Disney, there was my best friend coming home, and there was my students performing in their very first musical. It doesn’t sound like a lot. But it was. My eyebags will tell you so.

Anyway, like my Disney trip with mom, there isn’t much information I can give you that hasn’t already been covered here, so this will be more of a style blog than anything else. But if you have any questions about Tokyo, shoot me a message and I’ll gladly answer them as best as I can.


Planning the outfits and Disneybounds for this trip was quite a challenge. I’d never gone to Disney in the height of winter before, so I couldn’t exactly follow my skirt-and-off-shoulder formula this time.

For our first day in DisneySea, I knew we were heading to the park in the afternoon straight from our flight. So that meant that we had to be extra warm. We were coming in from Manila weather, and I could not afford to get sick, so I thought, what better Disneybound than characters who actually have fur?

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