Summer Disney Style: Sunny and Yellow

Just came from a short trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! Went to Hong Kong for a business trip, in my company blazer and monochromatic clothes – but in my suitcase were brightly colored tops and sparkly ears lol. I wouldn’t normally schedule any kind of park trip in the height of summer, where it goes from scorching hot to scorching hot with rain every hour, but schedules aligned, so off to Disney we went.


Since it also happened to be my best friend’s/business partner’s birthday, we decided to go in her favorite color: yellow. We got these bright yellow polkadot pants from Old Navy, and instead of making a bow for our classic Mickey ears, I made wired hair ties instead.


Doesn’t this outfit scream Minnie in the summer?


First order of business: grabbing a birthday pin for the birthday girl!


Pro tip: If you are celebrating your birthday (or any occasion really) in the month you are in Disney, line up at City Hall to get yourself one of these pins! It normally doesn’t take too long since most people will be lining up for photos with Mickey and Minnie as soon as the park gates open. 


You can see from these photos just how bright and sunny this day was (for the most part at least). And we wouldn’t have survived the heat if it wasn’t for Coca Cola – our unofficial sponsor lol.


Kidding aside, the only thing that got us through this heat besides our portable fans, was drinking large amounts of ice cold Coke.


Obviously the responsible thing would be to recommend lots and lots of water. But we couldn’t help ourselves. We needed sugar. Lol. Don’t follow our example though!


Pro tip: Bring a water bottle and have it refilled throughout the day at any restaurant within the park for free! 


Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, zip-a-dee-ay, what a wonderful day indeed!


Pro tip: If you are visiting Hong Kong Disney in the summer, bring a portable fan – preferably one you can hang around your neck (this was a life saver), a light umbrella for sudden showers, a face towel, and extra shirts. Yes. ShirtS.


Main Street was an absolute gorgeous backdrop for these outfits, and the music and the energy really got us in the spirit that matched the happiness in our clothes.


Look Ma! No people! It really helps when you’re one of the first people in the park.


Pro tip: Get to Disney early. They always open Main Street 30 minutes before the park actually opens. So you can get some shopping and photos in before the day even starts. 


I mean, how often do you see this part of the park this empty?


And yes it was so hot, I ended up changing to this green and yellow comic book Mickey crop top I got from Zara.


Paired it with a green bandana bowband that picked up the colors of the shirt perfectly.


And just like the person this outfit was inspired by, this color always makes me smile.


Or more accurately, laugh. Lol.


We didn’t have a whole lot of photos on this trip together, but we did find these two Disney guests, who just like us were in matching girly outfits, and just like us needed help with their pictures.


Here we are laughing gratefully as one of them was behind the camera, and the other was directing us.

This picture is a pretty perfect representation of our friendship – always giggling over nothing and finding fun in everything.


Love you Ayn! 

Thank you for bringing your own brand of strange and hilarious magic to my life.



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