Disney Prinsesa: Celebrating World Princess Week as a Filipina Disneybounder

Disney has always been a big, beautiful part of my life.

I was singing and dancing along to its songs since I could walk and talk. Watching its movies in theaters and on repeat at home has been a family weekend activity ever since I can remember. Dressing up as my favorite characters and sporting matching Disney Style outfits has been a tradition that I have shared with my mom since I was a little girl. And the Happiest Place on Earth is filled with some of my best and happiest memories.

Today, that love for Disney music has led to a career in the performing arts and even in teaching. Disney movies and park visits are still highly anticipated and celebrated by our wonderful family of grown-ups. Dressing up in Disney has now evolved into participating in an online community full of creators and dreamers just like me. And the Happiest Place on Earth remains one of my greatest sources of magical moments to this day.

Suffice it to say that Disney is my Home – but a part of me has always felt like something was missing. Whether on the big screen or on Main Street, I never quite saw myself in any of the characters I grew up wanting to be. And that stirred something in me – an ache to find myself in the magic.

“Growing up as a young Filipina, there was not a single Disney Princess that looked like me.”

These were the words that inspired my #DisneyPrinsesa journey 3 years ago.

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Truly Magical: Duffy and Friends Lookbook

Okay, I knowwww. It’s been months.

But a lot has been going on. I’ve suffered some major losses, but also had some pretty big wins. It feels like my life has gone from completely static the first months of quarantine to constant change. All in all, the world has been crazy and scary and just a little too overwhelming to navigate through, so I’ve been putting off writing a lot.

I’ve still been pretty active on Instagram though – maybe not as much as I used to be but there is definitely more movement there than there has been here. And it’s that time of the year when the whole Disney community is abuzz with the annual Disneybound challenge, so it’s been inspiring me a bit more to create as well.

That’s why I’m back after a bit of a hiatus with another Disneybound lookbook. One of the prompts for the challenge is Comfy + Cozy, and I thought Duffy and Friends would be the perfect characters for this theme.

I will admit, I was never a big Duffy and Friends fan. I thought they were cute and cuddly and their merch in Tokyo Disney was absolutely adorable, but I could never get into the story – much less the hype.

I couldn’t say no to the famous passholders though (those little purses that can hardly hold anything but, well – your Disney pass). They’re just such a staple for Tokyo Disney. And of course if I was going to say yes to those, I had to say yes to the ears too because that’s just Disney law. Lol. So it was these fluffy things that inspired me to finally Disneybound each character.

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When Will My Life Begin Series 2020

Tangled turns 10 today! Can you believe it?

Rapunzel is probably the Disney Princess I identify with most because of her hobby-hoarding (lol), dream-chasing, lively personality, and overall aesthetic (I love all pastel colors especially pink and purple, and I love flowers so this project was an absolute joy for me).

So I was inspired to start this little celebratory Disneybound series for her big anniversary – #WhenWillMyLifeBegin2020. Since I’ve been in quarantine for most of the year already, I figured I’d show a bit of love to the quarantine Princess by taking all these photos at home, and sharing a bit about myself through Punzie’s opening jam.

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Potter Portrait Series 2020

A few months back, I found myself looking at my Spectrespecs and my Quibbler realizing that despite having the right props, I had never done a decent Luna Lovegood look. Since I am a Gryffindor, most of my Harry Potter clothes are in our signature scarlet and gold. So I didn’t really have anything proper to wear for any other character or House.

Then I was struck with an idea. I didn’t have anything in the Ravenclaw colors, but I did have a lot of pink. So I thought, why don’t I create a Luna look – but instead of her as a Hogwarts student, I could do her adult version instead?

I had so much fun recreating her look that I decided to make it a whole series – reimagining Harry Potter characters all grown up. And so #Potterin2020 was born.

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Truly Magical: Summer Lookbook

Merry Christmas! — is what we Filipinos say when the -ber months hit (SeptemBER, OctoBER – you get the idea) lol. But I don’t want to scare you guys away, so I’m going to pretend this is a joke online, while I take out the Christmas decorations IRL lol.

I know the rest of the world is just about ready to celebrate Halloween and all things Fall. And honestly, even if we don’t have 4 seasons here, I’m just about ready to welcome any kind of new start in this weird year. Heck I’m just about ready to welcome 2021 if I’m being honest.

But before I go into my Fall content here and on Instagram, I thought I’d do one last Summer blog since Fall doesn’t technically begin until September 22. (Yes, I looked it up. lol)

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Balloons, #ButMakeItDisney

Yes, I know. Another blog post in the same month! Are you proud of me? I’m sort of proud of me lol.

Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat the past months to a lot of other things (despite the pandemic), and I just haven’t found the time or energy to write as often as I used to. However, I’ve been a bit more inspired to create lately and a bit more motivated to share what I’ve been up to, so here’s another entry to my #ButMakeItDisney DIY blog series.

If you’re new here, this is a quarantine series I came up with where I take one element and make different Disney outfits using a DIY. And in this case, I did something I had never attempted before: balloon ears.


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Truly Magical x Affordable Disney: Up Lookbook

“Adventure is out there!” 

But we can’t really go out there right now, so in the meantime I’ll just settle for adventures in here. At home. Lol.

Up celebrated the 11th anniversary of its Philippine theatrical release yesterday. And since I missed getting to go to my Paradise Falls (aka Disneyland) this year, I decided to bring some of that magic to me. (If only we could travel in our respective houses with balloons like Carl, amiright? That way we could still go places and also maintain social distancing – sort of like traveling in your very own quarantine pod. Lol.)


I also haven’t done a “Truly Magical” Disneybound Lookbook or an Affordable Disney blog in a while (will link all of my previous ones below), so I thought it would be fun to hit two Kevins with one stone today by combining the two.

If you’ve never read any of my older posts, my Affordable Disney series is when I take one piece of Disney clothing and style it in 3 to 5 different ways. And my Truly Magical Series is basically a collection of Disneybound (and on a few occasions Harry Potter) Lookbooks that I do for movie releases and anniversaries.

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Fruits, #ButMakeitDisney

Hello my magical friends!

I know it’s been a month since I last shared anything on here, but this year hasn’t exactly turned out the way anyone expected it to. “Normal” has still been a challenge – but if you’re anything like me, social media and blogs have been a sort of escape. So I try to keep things positive here and not force myself to write when I don’t have the heart to. That way I make sure that when I do, I always give you content that is genuine.

However, once in a while inspiration does come knocking, so I’m finally back with another DIY blog!


I know everyone is probably ready for fall at this point (I’m ready for the year to be over if I’m being honest lol), but we officially still have over a month of Summer left. So I am celebrating the remaining days of (in the Philippines’ case) warmer-than-usual-weather with my favorite snack of the season – fruits. Who doesn’t love cold fruit on those hot sunny days?

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Disney Recipes

Hello dear readers! How have you all been?

I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything on here. The past months have been quite draining. Although I have been pretty active on Instagram (since the Disney Community has been my sanctuary through all this), to be honest I haven’t had the motivation to do my regular blogs or to write anything new. But if there’s one good thing that has come out of this situation, it’s that I have been more open to trying and learning new things – which is why I’m bringing you something a little different today.

With my dad being a chef and my mom being a pastry chef, I never really saw the need to learn how to cook or bake. I always felt that I didn’t have the talent for either, and figured I’d leave those things to the experts. All I really knew how to do well, was eat. Lol. But the combined boredom, stress, and sadness of quarantine has taught me that it is never too late to reinvent yourself, and find happiness in different places.

Places, like the kitchen.

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Gingham, #ButMakeItDisney

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my first #ButMakeItDisney blog, and this new normal of ours has not gotten any easier. If anything, it’s only made me more restless.

So I am trying to keep my spirits high by distracting myself with bouts of productivity and creativity, which only means one thing for this Disney girl – more Disney DIYs.


If you missed my first entry, #ButMakeItDisney is a new blog series where I take a basic fashion element, and make it Disney by adding a DIY.

Since Spring is still in full swing, I decided to work on another staple for the season – Gingham. And for my Disney DIY – Mickey hair scrunchies.

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