Fruits, #ButMakeitDisney

Hello my magical friends!

I know it’s been a month since I last shared anything on here, but this year hasn’t exactly turned out the way anyone expected it to. “Normal” has still been a challenge – but if you’re anything like me, social media and blogs have been a sort of escape. So I try to keep things positive here and not force myself to write when I don’t have the heart to. That way I make sure that when I do, I always give you content that is genuine.

However, once in a while inspiration does come knocking, so I’m finally back with another DIY blog!


I know everyone is probably ready for fall at this point (I’m ready for the year to be over if I’m being honest lol), but we officially still have over a month of Summer left. So I am celebrating the remaining days of (in the Philippines’ case) warmer-than-usual-weather with my favorite snack of the season – fruits. Who doesn’t love cold fruit on those hot sunny days?

Except you can’t eat these fruits, because they’re on my Mickey Ears lol.

If you’re new to my #ButMakeItDisney blog series, this is where I take a basic element and make it Disney by incorporating a DIY. I’ve done two of these in the past for Spring (I’ll link them at the end), and for this season, I’m swapping out my pastels and florals for bright and happy colors.



Orange you glad it’s – okay I can’t do it lol. I’ll skip the lame joke and go straight to my outfit instead, yeah?

For this pair of orange slice ears, I went with this bohemian peasant blouse with lantern sleeves, as well as my denim cut off shorts. Since I have only been using materials I have at home (because yes, I have still been self-isolating and staying home – which means no shopping), I had to improvise for this one. I originally intended to match my ears with my bandanas. And since I didn’t have an orange one, I ended up using a pale green one instead. Honestly I think it turned out even better since the bowband at the top ended up looking like the leaves.





Yes I know, that is bright lol. But if you ask me, there’s no color that captures the Summer spirit quite like yellow.

I had to make sure my outfit lived up to the fruit of the season. So I picked out my bright yellow eyelet bell-sleeve dress to keep it light and breezy. There’s something about this outfit and these ears that is both blinding and refreshing lol. But I am not complaining. I love how happy this whole look is.





Okay so obviously these ears don’t really look like watermelon slices. They’d need a bit more green and black. Unfortunately, I lacked the materials. But I definitely wanted to do something in red, so I just went with it and tried to make up for it with my outfit instead.

I chose this old off-shoulder and shorts set I got from a Coachella collection years back. The small white pattern made me think of the seeds, and the black accents on the cord and on the piping definitely gave me watermelon vibes. Can you Disneybound as a fruit? Because I’d definitely call this a fruit bound lol.



I’ve absolutely loved making ears for the past month. These fruit ones in particular were so fun to put together, and they definitely inspired me to experiment with more designs and styles. (Stay tuned for those!)

Keeping myself not only busy, but productive with creative projects has definitely helped my mind and my heart stay strong. I know most of the year is gone, and two seasons have already passed us by, and that can get really hard to swallow. But I hope I can bring a little Summer breeze and sunlight into your homes through these simple posts, and maybe inspire you to find joy and hope in creating too.

I may not be on here as regularly as I used to, and I may not be able to commit weekly blogs right now, but my Instagram is always open to this magical community. Don’t hesitate to send me a message, or even just to follow along for some regular Disney and Harry Potter content. And if there’s anything you ever want me to write about – whether more DIYs or something else, let me know!

Hope you all stay safe and healthy, and that you continue to live and love life as best as you can. The sun will shine for us again soon!

Pastel Colors

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