Gingham, #ButMakeItDisney

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared my first #ButMakeItDisney blog, and this new normal of ours has not gotten any easier. If anything, it’s only made me more restless.

So I am trying to keep my spirits high by distracting myself with bouts of productivity and creativity, which only means one thing for this Disney girl – more Disney DIYs.


If you missed my first entry, #ButMakeItDisney is a new blog series where I take a basic fashion element, and make it Disney by adding a DIY.

Since Spring is still in full swing, I decided to work on another staple for the season – Gingham. And for my Disney DIY – Mickey hair scrunchies.

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Pastel Colors, #ButMakeItDisney

In the world of quarantine and social distancing, I have turned to the one thing that has been keeping me sane: DIYs.

I have always found happiness in planning and making my own outfits for my Disney trips. In fact, I think I may love the pre-park process just as much as actually going to them. So even though I don’t really know when I will be able to see our beloved castle again, my Disney DIYs have given me much needed positivity and hope.


So I decided to come up with a new series for this blog: #ButMakeItDisney – where I will take a basic fashion element, and make it Disney by adding a DIY.

In this first installment, I’m taking pastel colored clothing items, and turning them into Disney outfits by adding my DIY floral Minnie ears.

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