Potter Portrait Series 2020

A few months back, I found myself looking at my Spectrespecs and my Quibbler realizing that despite having the right props, I had never done a decent Luna Lovegood look. Since I am a Gryffindor, most of my Harry Potter clothes are in our signature scarlet and gold. So I didn’t really have anything proper to wear for any other character or House.

Then I was struck with an idea. I didn’t have anything in the Ravenclaw colors, but I did have a lot of pink. So I thought, why don’t I create a Luna look – but instead of her as a Hogwarts student, I could do her adult version instead?

I had so much fun recreating her look that I decided to make it a whole series – reimagining Harry Potter characters all grown up. And so #Potterin2020 was born.


For the Boy Who Lived, I imagine he’d be the best Auror in the world. He’d still be everyone’s humble hero, always fighting for good and selflessly sharing the love Lily gave him to Wizarding kind. He’d still be just as famous as when he was a child, but he’d also be highly respected and loved.

I think he’d be a frequent guest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts, using everything Lupin, Sirius, and Dumbledore taught him and making the Headmistress (McGonagall of course) beam with pride. He’d also drop by Hagrid’s and the greenhouses (to see Professor Longbottom) often, and coax both of them for a pint at the Three Broomsticks, to be joined on occasion by Ron and Hermione.

Once in a while, he’d drop by his kids’ Quidditch classes to show off his wicked flying skills (and remind them that he is still the youngest Seeker in a century) much to his kids’ mixed embarrassment and pride.

Harry would become Dumbledore’s true protege – brave, talented, smart, just, and above all – kind.

For Harry’s outfit, I chose something close to his Hogwarts uniform, because I think it will always be his favorite place on earth. I wore a simple white button-up, plaid trousers, a velvet waistcoat, a maroon tie, a large black coat, and a beret.

If you look closely, I added a collar chain that I made out of old Snitch earrings, and the buttons I added are gold with a lion design. I also wore my Ministry of Magic pin.


We know that Ron worked as an Auror with Harry for a while, then he eventually ended up helping out his brother George at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. ⁣

I feel like Ron would often be at his office somewhere in the back of the store, sneaking in some treats. He probably wouldn’t be much help around the store really, but he’d keep George company which is the most important thing. Every time he’d get bored, I can imagine him apparating to wherever Harry is, and cracking a joke or ten while his best mate is in the middle of a duel or some other important Auror task. He’d still be the most amazing friend. ⁣

I also think he’d be a wonderful dad – with Arthur’s goodness and Molly’s nurturing heart inside him, and with his own special brand of humor and wit – his kids would adore him. And as for Hermione, they’d still bicker all day and secretly love it, and he’d always be her Ronald. ⁣

For Ron I wanted something effortless and comfy. Because of his new store manger/dad lifestyle, I think a chunky sweater with suede elbow pads give off the perfect vibe.

I paired it with a matching Baker Boy hat, more plaid trousers, combat boots, and leather suspenders.


Our Hermione would of course be showing everyone how it’s done in the Ministry of Magic, using her power and position to fight for those who need protection. I think she’d be both boss witch and super mom, setting things right in the Wizarding World by day, and checking her kids’ homework by night. In her free time, she’d probably still be knitting socks and hats for house elves 

Since Hermione spends a lot of her time with magical creatures, I thought this owl mock neck top would be perfect for her. Then I mixed prints with this brown plaid pencil skirt, my suede trench coat, and a brown leather beret. I also think the Ministry would reward her another time turner eventually,


Neville would be the Herbology Professor at Hogwarts – clumsy, kind, and everyone’s favorite professor (even though he probably wouldn’t know it). I think he’d be approachable and genuinely concerned about his students, and that they’d love him for his laid back, soil-on-his-nose, warm-hearted nature. ⁣

For Neville I wore a grey knitted vest on top of an oversized plaid button-up. I also wore my canvas apron with it, some brown gloves, and to really tie-in the let’s-not-faint-from-Mandrakes look, I made a pair of earmuffs.


Ginny would play Chaser for the all-female pro Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies, and be a reserve Seeker too. I think she’d be well loved by her team – committed and hardworking, but also always the life of the party. She’d be a great mom too – cool, funny, and between her and Harry would raise the most mischievous but kind, sarcastic and sassy but sweet kids.

This is what I imagine she would wear on a casual training day on the Quidditch Pitch. Taking inspiration from her team’s colors, I picked out this yellow turtleneck and wore a dark green corduroy overalls overtop, brown leather fingerless gloves, and a yellow Baker Boy hat.


And finally, the look that started it all. Luna would be a talented Magizoologist as well as editor-in-chief of The Quibbler – still in her signature radish earrings and Spectrespecs. She’d probably unexpectedly drop by the Potters’ and the Weasleys’ with some sort of weird dish or present. All the kids would love her and call her their favorite aunt. ⁣

For Luna’s look, I went with a pink ruffled turtleneck (I love the sleeve detail especially) which I paired with this bright pink, striped blazer and trousers set. I also added a colorful knit scarf that I thought looked like something Luna owned when she was still a student.

As for accessories, of course I had to include the Spectrespecs and her signature radish earrings.

“All was well”

– Harry potter and the deathly hallows

Although all is well in the Wizarding World, it is far from that in the real world. So we just all have to make do, be brave, and find the magic in everyday. This Potter Portrait series was a great distraction, and I hope it made you guys a little happier too.

If you guys want to see more magical photos, make sure to follow my Instagram!

And in case you’d like to see more Harry Potter looks, I’ve got a Hogwarts Houses lookbook that I’ll link here.


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