Truly Magical: My Beauty and the Beast Lookbook

My favorite Disney movie turns 28 today!

And just like a tale as old as time, you guys know by now that I always celebrate these magical occasions through one very magical way – dressing in Disney.


I know 28 isn’t exactly a milestone number (unless you’re Emma Swan – shout out to my fellow Once Upon a Time fans out there!). But because it’s my favorite movie, I thought I’d honor this day anyway. So I picked out characters we all know and love from this classic film and put together a few Disneybounds for you.

And now, I invite you to relax and pull up a chair, as I proudly present, my Beauty and the Beast Lookbook.

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The Basics: Belle’s Ballroom Dress (Style to Bound to Cosplay)

As promised, my regularly scheduled Style to Bound to Cosplay (SBC) blog for September is here! And since it’s Beauty and the Beast’s anniversary month, and it also happens to be my favorite Disney movie of all time, this is actually already the second SBC blog I’ve done. You can read the first one I did on Belle’s Celebration Dress here.


For this blog, I chose this take on Belle’s iconic yellow gown, also from the live action version of the classic ballroom scene.

“Ever just the same, ever a surprise, ever as before,
and ever just as sure, as the sun will rise”

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The Basics: Belle’s Celebration Dress (Style to Bound to Cosplay)

Surprise! A blog on a weekday? For Beauty and the Beast, mais bien sûr!

I was feeling particularly inspired for my favorite Disney movie’s anniversary month, that I decided to do an additional last-minute Style to Bound to Cosplay (SBC) blog featuring one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen on film – Belle’s Celebration Dress from the live action movie.


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Disney Capsule Wardrobe: Work Edition

Let’s face it – none of us are really able to wake up with a smile and a song, and whistle ourselves to work everyday. For most of us, weekday mornings mean half-open eyes and wishing we had woodland creatures to help us get dressed. Life can’t be a fairytale all the time (especially when you’re trying to adult lol). But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it just a bit more magical.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ll know by now that when I need a quick magical fix it usually means one simple and wonderful thing: Disney Style.


So for this month’s installment of my Disney Capsule Wardrobe series, I decided to show you how to style 10 items in 20 different workday ways. That’s a whole month’s worth of Disney work outfits that can fit in one little bag. Whether you’re off to a business trip, or you just like to plan ahead, these style ideas could not only save you some money, but some much needed time (for some extra sleep and a nice cup of coffee) as well.

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Katsie Disney Style: Affordable Disney (SM Department Store)

The FOMO is real when you love Disney as much as I do, and also live in the Philippines. We don’t have a Disney park here, not even a Disney Store. Online shopping is also difficult. Even though Amazon, Etsy, and stores like Boxlunch Gifts deliver internationally, most of the time the shipping cost to Manila is larger than the cost of what you’re buying.

It can get pretty disheartening sometimes, but as I’ve discovered in my Disney style journey – there are options all around if you just go out and look. All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust. And a little resourcefulness wouldn’t hurt either.


Ever since I started making an extra effort to seek out Disney clothing, I also started to notice that I actually encounter at least one person a day wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. I kid you not. It’s pretty amazing how far Disney’s reach is, that I see people of all ages wearing Disney every single day in my little corner of the world. It also made me wonder – where do people buy them?

So I did some research and decided to start another little monthly blog post for you. To help out my fellow Filipino Disney fans, as well as friends who are visiting Manila –  I’m going to feature one brand that sells Disney apparel per month. And to keep things both accessible and affordable, I will style it in 5 different ways to show you how far one Disney item can go.

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Truly Magical: My Hogwarts Lookbook

Books have been purchased, robes freshly laundered, parchment neatly rolled up, Knuts and Sickles ready for the Trolley, owl back in the cage, trunks packed and heavy, and my wand safely stowed in my pocket – It’s the first day of school for Wizarding kind, and off to King’s Cross Station we go!


September 1st marks a very special day in the magical community. For bright-eyed 11-year olds who have just received their Hogwarts acceptance letters over the summer, it is a day of many firsts. It’s their first ride on the Hogwarts Express, their first journey across the lake with their first glimpse of their Home for the next seven years, their first feast in the Great Hall, and who could forget – their first and only Sorting ceremony.

To celebrate the occasion, I’ve decided to do a first of my own.

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