The Basics: Frozen 2 (Style to Bound to Cosplay)

I haven’t even watched this yet and I’m already in love.

From the moment I saw that hair-raising first trailer – from the costumes, to the action, to the MUSIC. Frozen 2 quickly climbed my list of Disney movies I was most looking forward to for 2019. After Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin, this and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have been my most highly anticipated releases. And today, I finally get to watch the most famous sisters of all time take the big screen once more.


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Truly Magical: The Little Mermaid 30th Anniversary Lookbook

This timeless classic turns 30 today! And zut alors did I dive in for this one. (Quite literally, if I may add)

So I packed up a little bag of 6 Ariel inspired looks and headed under the sea – or beside it at least – to celebrate 30 years of mermaid magic.


“I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something’s starting right now.
Watch and you’ll see, some day I’ll be part of your world.”

Now, before I ask you to look at this stuff and ask you how neat my Ariel costume collection is, I feel like I need to get something off my chest. I remember watching The Little Mermaid as a kid. And unpopular opinion: I didn’t like it.  Okay don’t drown me, and let me explain.

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Truly Magical: Disney+ Lookbook

Painful truth? Though it releases in the US today, Disney+ is not yet available internationally. No news yet on when it will come to our shores, but I decided to celebrate the launch anyway. Because any excuse to Disneybound is welcome in my book.

And since I feel like Disney+ is best shared with company, I roped in some family and friends to do 3 themes that I’m looking forward to seeing on the app: a live action original movie, a classic animated series, and a reboot.


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Truly Magical: Big Hero 6 Lookbook`

Big Hero 6 is five years old today! And although that doesn’t sound like a long time, I honestly didn’t think it had hit five already. I thought maybe two, three years tops.

Which reminds me of a little anecdote I hope you won’t judge me for. Are you ready for your Disney expert image of me to be shattered? Here it goes: When I first saw the poster for Big Hero 6, I had never heard of it before. So I actually said “What happened to the first 5? Did I miss them? How the heck did I miss 5 Disney movies?” LOL. Okay, you can unsubscribe to me now, I won’t blame you.

If you’re still here, I did watch it (and get it lol). And. I. LOVED. It. I thought the characters were so refreshingly different and fun, the plot was both thrilling and touching, and omg Baymax! Who doesn’t love Baymax?


So you guys know how this works by now. Disney movie anniversary = Disneybound lookbook, so I obviously had to do outfits inspired by our team of 6. (See, I know that now. Lol)

“We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But, sometimes, life doesn’t go the way you planned. The good thing is, my brother wanted to help a lot of people.
And that’s what we’re gonna do”

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Disney Capsule Wardrobe: Fall Edition

I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone! Halloween is over, and Christmas is fast approaching. But before I start dressing in Mickey Santa outfits and ugly Christmas sweaters (which I actually not-so-secretly love to do), I’d like to celebrate fall just a few weeks more.


Again, there is no fall in the Philippines, but it doesn’t mean we can’t dress in fall colors. And it was actually the rich browns, yellows, oranges, and deep greens that inspired this month’s DCW. And as a little bonus, I did 11 items this time for a whopping 22 Disney outfits!

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Truly Magical: Coco Disneybound Lookbook

It’s Día de los Muertos today!

And like always, I thought I’d celebrate this beautiful occasion in my own little way – through Disney Style. More specifically, through styling looks around one of my favorite Pixar films of all time – Coco.

I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I didn’t think anything of it. But when I saw it in the theater and cried my way through at least a third of it, I knew I would never underestimate Pixar again lol. Coco is one of the most visually stunning movies I’ve ever seen, and don’t even get me started on what it did to my proud corazón. So well written, so endearing, so heartwarming. I just, ahhh – I am completely in love with it.


Which is why I got so excited when I started putting ideas together for this lookbook.

“Día de Muertos has begun,
it’s the one night of the year our ancestors can come visit us.”

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