The Basics: Frozen 2 (Style to Bound to Cosplay)

I haven’t even watched this yet and I’m already in love.

From the moment I saw that hair-raising first trailer – from the costumes, to the action, to the MUSIC. Frozen 2 quickly climbed my list of Disney movies I was most looking forward to for 2019. After Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin, this and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have been my most highly anticipated releases. And today, I finally get to watch the most famous sisters of all time take the big screen once more.


There won’t be any cosplay for this month’s SBC unfortunately – I simply haven’t had the time to put together complete costumes lately. However, they will be back very soon – I promise. So for today’s entry, I instead chose to do two bounds. One for each of our beloved sisters.

If you’ve never read any of my SBC blogs (will link the others below), this monthly series is where I demonstrate the 3 types of dressing in Disney: Disney Style, Disneybound, and Cosplay. Before we proceed, here’s the recap I post in all of these blogs:

Adding Disney magic to your personal style without dressing as a particular character. Disney Style is dressing in Disney as no other person but yourself. 

Creating character looks by using elements like colors/placement of colors and accessories without actually wearing the character’s costume.

Wearing an exact replica of the character’s costume. 

“For the first time in forever, nothing’s in my way.”

Disney Style


My featured item for today is this blue Olaf Christmas sweater. Just to reiterate – this is not an Olaf bound, but more of a look based on the movie itself. That’s why I picked up the shades of blue for the entirety of this outfit.


As I’ve mentioned in every entry of my SBC blogs, Disney Style is all about personal style. And it can’t get more personal for me than a beret. I use them for almost every outfit, and I thought this powder blue one went perfectly with the snowflakes on my sweater.  As far as theming goes, the cold does kinda bother me so what better way to keep warm than a nice wool hat, amiright?


Wore lightwash denim jeans to go with the beret, and blue suede boots to match my sweater. This would be the perfect outfit to wear to the cinema. So cozy and comfortable.

“Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.” — Olaf


Disneybound (Anna)


I absolutely LOVE the fall vibes of Anna’s outfit! I actually kept my autumn leaves up for this look even though the rest of my room is decked out in Christmas decor, specifically because of how gorgeous Anna’s costume looked in the trailers surrounded by fall foliage. The colors are just so decadent!


So for this bound, I wore my super well loved yellow denim skirt to represent the yellow pants she wears under her black tunic. Paired that with an embroidered black top, then I tied the look together with a brown belt. I also wore tights and knee high brown boots like she does in the trailers, and I topped it off with a magenta cardigan. This color is what makes the whole outfit an Anna outfit in my opinion. Such a beautiful contrast, I can’t get over it!


And for my hair, I put it in a half updo with loose braids. Since I don’t have bangs, I just pulled some loose hairs out to frame my face a little.

“They say, ‘Have courage,’ and I’m trying to.” — Anna


Disneybound (Elsa)


Elsa’s new look is STUNNING. Although I loved her now legendary off shoulder, thigh high slit, glittery number from the first, this new Boss Queen outfit is everything.


I don’t have a light blue coat (although I might have to start scouring the interwebs for one after I watch this movie), so I instead went for a powder blue mock neck sweater. It has subtle embroidery on the sleeves which sort of remind me of the embroidery she has on her shoulders. Paired that with one of my favorite skirts of all time – this light blue (almost grey) layered, micro pleated tulle skirt, that has small polkadots on it. I chose it mainly for the movement of the fabric and because the dots sort of look like snow. Tied the whole look together with a silver belt that also reminds me of snowflakes, and silver shoes.


For hair, I opted for Elsa’s classic braid (although I do love her new hairstyles in the movie that I will definitely try soon! Let me know if you guys want to see another Disney Hairstyles blog). Kept it loose and curly especially at the top, and added silver hair jewels as well.

“A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen.” — Elsa

I cannot wait to see where this new story will take us! Who else is watching Frozen 2 today? Are you dressing in Disney Style or are your Disneybounding? Comment below!

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