The Basics: Mary Poppins (Style to Bound to Cosplay)

Remember when I said last month that I was starting a new series showing you the difference between Disney Style and Disneybound? Well for this month I’ve taken it a step further by adding Cosplay into the mix.

For today’s demonstration, I’ve chosen one very special character for one very special reason: Mary Poppins! Because today is her 55th anniversary.

“A cover is not the book. So open it up and take a look.”


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Katsie Disney Style: Retro Disney

I feel like there used to be such a clear distinction among each decade when it came to fashion and style. You know that flapper dresses are from the 20s, full skirts are from the 50s, and flared jeans are from the 70s. And even when there was a bit of overlap or repetition, each decade always had its own special flavor. But if you were to ask me what that special flavor is for us today, for this decade – I wouldn’t be able to answer you because I don’t think I can narrow it down. And you know what, I think that’s pretty awesome.


There is so much room for individuality in fashion these days. So much in fact, that there’s even enough for something I never thought would see the light of day outside of theme parks – Disney Style. Continue reading

The Basics: Disney Hairstyles

Second day hair can be a pain, especially in the Philippine heat and humidity.

I try not to shampoo my hair everyday so it doesn’t dry, but by the second day it starts to become obvious. Normally I’d just use a cap to cover it, but that only works on errand days and weekends. For work days, I just put it up in a sleek ponytail. And while that’s all well and good, it also becomes a little boring after a while. So I decided to get a little more creative. And for me creativity usually means one thing: Disney. 


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Get to Know: Ginny Weasley

I was one of those people who thankfully got to read Harry Potter before I watched it. Before the movies even came out, I had very different ideas of how characters looked, talked, and even moved. That’s the beauty of books right? You get to interpret the things that you read and build your own magical world all in your head.

I had just finished reading The Goblet of Fire when the first movie was released, and even with a lot of things being changed for the big screen I was prepared to accept these new faces and scenes for the love of the franchise.

Three, four, five movies in – directors changed, filming style and art direction changed, and still I accepted every new thing and every new person.

All except one. Ginny Weasley. 


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Disney Capsule Wardrobe: Summer Edition

I’ve been asked many times how I plan my Disney outfits both in and out of the parks. A lot of people think I never repeat my Disney pieces, but that isn’t true at all! In fact, I love reworking my clothes in new ways, and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing most.


To show you how simple it is to make the most out of your Disney wardrobe, I’ve decided to start another monthly series on this blog: The Disney Capsule Wardrobe. (That’s two you can look forward to now: the other is my Disneybound vs Disney Style series)

For this first edition, we’re focusing on summer outfits. So for any of you who are planning a trip to the parks this summer, or who simply want to breathe a little magic into your day to day style, keep reading!

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