Katsie Disney Style: Affordable Disney (Divisoria Mall)

I know it’s been a minute and a half since I last posted, but short life update: it’s been pretty crazy on the work front. Suffice to say that a couple of years since starting my company, we can finally, happily celebrate the fact that we opened the first and only licensed Harry Potter store in the country. I couldn’t be prouder – a passion project and a dream fulfilled. Just goes to show that magic does exist: in the form of hard work, dedication, and love. Now that I’ve got Potter down, hopefully my Disney dreams will come true as well – which brings me back to this blog. Lol.


Now that I’ve explained why I’ve been away, let me explain my first entry back. In case you guys have forgotten, one of the monthly blogs I do is called Affordable Disney, where I take one locally sourced Disney item and style it in five different ways. Because of the scheduling conflicts I mentioned earlier, I only managed to get in 3 outfits this time. However, this one is still pretty special since it is themed to the most wonderful time of the year.

The piece I chose to style for this is definitely locally sourced. I randomly found it on an errands trip to Divisoria Mall in the Philippines – which is sort of like a gigantic bazaar where you can find extremely low-cost merchandise as well as export overruns. Once in a while you do stumble upon a few Disney items there too, like this Mickey buffalo plaid fleece sweater that I got for only 200 Php (roughly $4).


Christmas Tree Farm

Okay so I’ve never been to one of these. Number one, if you’ve been following my blog you’d know that in the Philippines our Christmas trees are up by September, so no way are fresh trees going to stay fresh for that long. Number two, we don’t have pine trees readily available in Manila anyway lol. But if we did go Christmas tree farming, I imagine that this is what I’d wear.


Nothing says nature to me quite like flannel and combat boots. Paired with jeans and a white teddy jacket and you’ve got yourself the perfect tree picking outfit. But we’ve got to make it Disney of course, so I topped off the look with gold sequin ears.



Holiday Party

Now these we have a lot of in Manila. Even before December hits, we have parties with colleagues, dinners with old friends, and reunions with visiting relatives lined up for the rest of the year. It gets pretty crazy, but the Christmas season is something I would never dream of missing in the Philippines.


Wearing the fleece top tucked in to a bright red textured skirt elevates the look a little, as well as adding white pumps and a white belt. Tied everything together with a red scarf and my favorite Santa ears to make the outfit more fun, and more me. Who says Holiday party looks have to be uncomfortable? Wear that fleece sweater girl!



Gingerbread House

Okay confession. I don’t like gingerbread. I love the smell, and I love decorating them for Christmas but I really just don’t like the taste. Still, there’s nothing more fun than gathering friends and family for some gingerbread house decorating while listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa.


Which is exactly what this outfit is for. Trade in the ankle boots for some fuzzy socks, and you’ve got the perfect stay at home but stay cute ensemble for some Holiday fun. And if you’re anything like me, Christmas activities at home are the ones I look forward to the most.


I know I always talk about the Disney FOMO I feel living in the Philippines, but every time I do these blogs it reminds me that there are so many ways to celebrate the things you love if you just take the time to look and the initiative to create. Then life surprises you. Besides, when it comes to Christmas I can proudly say, we actually do it best. So give yourself some Holiday love by looking around for the things you are most grateful for in your Home.

Stay tuned for more Christmas content!

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