Katsie Disney Style: Affordable Disney (SM Department Store)

The FOMO is real when you love Disney as much as I do, and also live in the Philippines. We don’t have a Disney park here, not even a Disney Store. Online shopping is also difficult. Even though Amazon, Etsy, and stores like Boxlunch Gifts deliver internationally, most of the time the shipping cost to Manila is larger than the cost of what you’re buying.

It can get pretty disheartening sometimes, but as I’ve discovered in my Disney style journey – there are options all around if you just go out and look. All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust. And a little resourcefulness wouldn’t hurt either.


Ever since I started making an extra effort to seek out Disney clothing, I also started to notice that I actually encounter at least one person a day wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. I kid you not. It’s pretty amazing how far Disney’s reach is, that I see people of all ages wearing Disney every single day in my little corner of the world. It also made me wonder – where do people buy them?

So I did some research and decided to start another little monthly blog post for you. To help out my fellow Filipino Disney fans, as well as friends who are visiting Manila –  I’m going to feature one brand that sells Disney apparel per month. And to keep things both accessible and affordable, I will style it in 5 different ways to show you how far one Disney item can go.

First up – SM Department Store.

Every Filipino knows this. SM Malls pop out of the ground like daisies. They’re up to over 70 malls already and they’re definitely not stopping there. Anyone who needs anything heads to SM, and to stay true to their song, they really do have it all for you – and lucky for us, that means they have Disney too.

So I thought this would be a pretty good place to start. SM Department Store has a TON of options for Disney merch. They have everything from shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, and bags. And not only do they carry the classic Mickey designs, but apparel from new movie releases as well.

For this first blog though – I went with our Main Mouse.


I chose this chambray button up top with Mickey embroidery. It’s 699.75 Php (around 13 USD)

Pro tip: If you’re not ready to go all out Disney on your day to day outfits, start off by looking for items with more subtle prints or embroidery like this one. That way you can up the Disney however much you like depending on where you’re going. 



When I first saw this top I knew I wanted to do something pin up/Rosie the Riveter inspired. I love how chambray looks with white and red, especially with Mickey’s shorts on the embroidery to complement those colors.


So I used my white denim skirt, red bandana bowband, red Mickey crossbody, and blue and white gingham wedges. Tied the shirt at the waist and rolled up the sleeves for that we can do it vibe. And ladies in this outfit, we definitely can.




What a difference a few pieces can make. From cutesy to utilitarian in a hot minute – that’s what I love about chambray. It’s so easy to change it up. Wanted something more practical for this outfit, so I went for tried and tested pieces that have been in my closet forever.


Went with my go-to black jeans and ankle boots, and wore a white cami underneath so I could wear my shirt either open or tied at the waist. Brought out my Mickey newsboy cap, as well as this adorable Mickey backpack also from SM Department Store. I’m ready for a full day in the city now.

Pro tip: Make sure to check ALL departments. There are interesting pieces in all of them. I found this Mickey backpack in the kids’ section and it’s the perfect size.




This one goes out to all my fellow grown-ups (on the outside lol). Here’s how you can bring Disney to work with the same Mickey piece.


Brought out my checkered trousers this time, and piled on all the greys with my cardigan and pumps. And since I still wanted some Disney accents, I chose more work appropriate ones like my Mickey quilted purse, and my Mickey neck scarf. If the red beret is too much for you, you could always switch to black, or wear some Disney jewelry instead.




Casual is where I feel most like myself. Bring on the comfortably cute and colorful, because I love me a good weekend outfit.


And these yellow polkadot pants are nothing if not comfy. Paired it with my all time favorite Vans, a white belt to match, and my trusty Mickey duffel bag. (Which – fun fact, was the very first Disney bag I bought as an adult)




Since I live in a tropical country, I wanted something I could wear not only in a casual setting, but also to the beach or to the pool (if I ever get around to taking a break lol).


So I (quite literally) whipped out my red polkadot wrap maxi dress, and tied my chambray top over. Wore my yellow braided sandals, and my woven bag that I DiY-ed – both of which I bought at a local bazaar. Since this is about shopping local Disney items, I figured I’d end this blog with locally made products to match them.

“Giving up is for rookies.”
-Philoctetes (Hercules)

So if you’re on the lookout for Disney inspiration, just remember that you don’t need to buy the fanciest or newest merchandise to make an awesome Disney outfit. You can find magic everywhere. But more importantly, you can create magic out of anything.

*Regular Disney t-shirts in SM Department Store cost around 500 Php (less than 10 USD)
* I’ll be featuring another brand in next month’s Affordable Disney blog. If you like this and would like more Disney Style content, make sure to follow my Instagram for more Disney tips and tricks!

9 thoughts on “Katsie Disney Style: Affordable Disney (SM Department Store)

  1. chicandcultural says:

    These outfits are so freaking cute!
    I remember the time cartoon prints began filling up the stores, and it seems it hasn’t died down since.
    Love the Mickey Mouse bags. They bound to put a smile on your face. ❤


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