Katsie Disney Style: Affordable Disney (Cotton On)

I cannot believe that a month has passed since my first Affordable Disney blog!

If you’re just tuning in now, let me do a quick little recap of the 3 blog series you can now look forward to every month:

  • Disney Capsule Wardrobe (DCW) – where I style 10 clothing items into 20 Disney outfits 
  • Style to Bound to Cosplay (SBC) – where I take inspiration from 1 Disney movie or character and style looks around them in the 3 types of dressing in Disney: (as the name suggests) Disney Style, Disney Bound, and Cosplay
  • Affordable Disney (AD) – where I take 1 locally purchased Disney piece, and style it 5 different ways

IMG_5576 2.JPG

Last month, I talked about how difficult it sometimes gets to feel left behind when it comes to new Disney merchandise releases. Although I don’t particularly consider myself a Disney collector of anything (not bags, nor ears, nor figures), sometimes I do want to hop on the trend train and pick up the latest ear color craze as soon as hits the shelves.

Unfortunately that isn’t really easy for me to do seeing as how I live in the Philippines. But as I’ve said before, there are options all around if you just take the time to look. And if anything, it does push me to be more creative. I make most of my Disney park outfits from scratch, and I try to make sure that I only wear what truly makes me happy – things that make me feel like, well…me.

And when it comes to everyday Disney style, I’ve come to realize that I like things simple. Which makes this month’s brand feature pretty perfect: Cotton On.

Now obviously Cotton On isn’t a local brand, but it is available locally and it is quite affordable. So I think it still fits the bill.


The shirt I picked out for instance, was part of a promo. 3 shirts for 1,200 Php (roughly 23 USD). I chose this particular one for this blog because of its retro vibe, Mickey’s adorable expression, and the colors. Even though we don’t have fall here, I still wanted to do some autumnal outfits for fun, so I went with yellows, oranges, and browns for this lookbook.




For my first fall outfit, I chose this beautiful orange overall dress, and paired it with cream colored knee high socks, brown riding boots, and a brown woven belt to match. Since it doesn’t really get all that cold here, most of the looks you’ll see on this blog are more suited for our weather – except for these boots which I added in for fun, and which can be traded in for ankle boots or sneakers if needed.


Also I love how Mickey is just peeping through the corner for that hint of Disney Style. If we had pumpkin picking here, I imagine I’d be wearing this with a cozy knit cardigan on top.




If I could only keep one fall staple in my closet and nothing else, it would be a suede moto jacket. I love them so much, I have them in so many colors. They’re super easy to style, extremely versatile, just the right amount of warm, they’re soft and comfortable, and they make any simple outfit ten times more fashionable.


Like this basic high waisted jeans and booties combo – just add moto jacket, and tada! We have a winner.




Decided to bring out the yellow in this shirt by wearing a bright yellow casual blazer on top. Wore brown paper bag shorts and white slip ons to keep it comfortable, and added a yellow gingham bowband to complete this relaxed fall look.


I could run around a hay bale maze in this outfit. Or in my case, the mall. Since that’s all the maze we’re going to get around here. Lol.




Taking this look up the girly scale by wearing my brown midi skirt with nude wedges, a brown braided belt, and a suede floppy hat. Bonus points – pockets!


This is one of my go to travel outfits. I never travel without a floppy hat, and this suede one is absolutely perfect for a crisp fall day. Just add a nice wool cardigan and scarf to this, and replace the wedges with comfy booties and you’ve got yourself a nice apple picking ensemble.




You guys probably know by now that the hat I wear most often is actually a beret. Just like my moto jackets, I’ve got berets in pretty much every color. They’re just the cutest little accessory that add so much style to your outfit, especially in something as vibrant as yellow.


Which is exactly what it did to this easy ensemble. Nothing can be simpler than white sneakers and lightwash mom jeans, which I cinched in with this light brown belt. Ready for pretty much anything in this outfit.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
– L.M. Montgomery

Happy October and Happy Fall everyone! Expect to see more fall content coming your way, as well as lots of Halloween content!

In the meantime, check out my Instagram for more Disney Style!

*Check out my first Affordable Disney blog featuring SM Department Store here!


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