Truly Magical: Spring Disneybound #DisneyPrincess Lookbook

I know the world is a scary place to live in right now. And this may not be the best time to talk about Disney and sunshine and flowers. But to be honest, I’d like to keep a bit of magic going even if it is just in my own little way.


And for me, that way is through (Disney) style.

Since Spring is the ultimate representation of fresh starts, I’m using my little corner of sunshine for positivity and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I was only supposed to do a simple Disney Style lookbook for this, but since floral dresses and skirts and pastel colors just happen to be things I wear quite often (especially living in a tropical country), I realized I had enough pieces to do Disneybounds instead – and of all the Princesses to boot! I was also supposed to have this blog up on a different day, but the March #DisneyboundChallenge is ongoing and today’s prompt just happens to be Spring Style. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. (If you don’t know what Disneybounding is, you can learn everything you need to know here). 

So without further ado, here are all twelve of the the Disney Princesses, in a colorful parade of flowers to welcome the new season.




I wanted to keep the colors more muted for this lookbook to keep with the Spring theme. So instead of a bright blue, I went with this pale blue off-shoulder tie blouse. I thought the little birds on it made for the perfect Snow White touch. Paired it with my well-worn yellow corduroy skirt, white slip-ons, and topped it off with a red bow band. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



Had to go with a maxi dress for the Princess of all Princesses. So I chose this light blue halter-neck one. Added a silk black ribbon around my neck as a nod to her signature choker, and tied my hair up in a loose bun to keep it light and dainty. Wore blue sandals to match, and carried my favorite Cinderella clutch to tie the look together. Perfect for any Spring ball, garden party, or picnic. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



Made it pink in this blush floral dress. Wanted to keep things elegant for our Sleeping Beauty, so I went with something a little fancier for this look. Added blush pumps for a more put-together style, and to represent her tiara, I added this gold choker. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



Ariel was a bit of a challenge honestly, but I remembered that I had this green floral ruffled mermaid skirt that was part of a co-ord set, and knew immediately what top to pair with it. This ended up being one of my favorite looks. Love how the pastel purple and light green still give off the perfect Ariel vibe, even though the colors are lighter than what we’re used to seeing in her bounds. Added my shell purse to complete the Under the Sea (but make it Springtime) look. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



I absolutely love pale yellow, especially for the Spring. And I thought this ruffled off-shoulder one was the perfect dress for my favorite Princess. Couldn’t resist adding this two strand headband that just happened to have a very similar print to the dress. I know it looks like these pieces go together, but I bought them at 2 completely different stores in different years too! Completed the outfit with one of my very first “grownup” Disney bags – my Cogsworth crossbody. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



I thought I’d do something a little different for our girl Jasmine. Took out this teal and white co-ord shorts and kimono set that I usually use as a beach coverup. Thought it would be a nice nod to her crop top and pants set. Also added a brown suede cami underneath for that rich Agrabah tone. Obviously needed touches of gold (she is the Sultan’s daughter after all), so I wore my leaf headchain, sandals, and my lamp bucket bag to bring this fit to a whole new world. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



I couldn’t seem to find the right floral dress for Pocahontas. Everything just seemed too dainty for her. Then I found this brown leaf-covered dress in my closet and remembered all her standing-somewhere-dramatic scenes with the leaves blowing through her hair. Lol. Added a brown braided leather belt to cinch everything in, as well as my trusty brown suede boots. Accessorized with this feather hairpiece that I made a long time ago for a Coachella shoot. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



For Mulan, I thought I’d bound her live action version instead since it’s coming up soon. So I picked out this loose and flowy red midi dress with ties in the sleeves. I liked that it was sort of reminiscent of her oversized sleeves in the trailers. Added a white belt and my white slip-ons to tie in with the white flowers. And as my little tribute to China, I put on this hair accessory that I got in Beijing almost a decade ago. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



For our hardworking Princess, I figured I’d go with a combination of pretty and practical. So I went with this simple, no-fuss olive green wraparound midi dress, my favorite pair of comfy suede booties, and for a classic Tiana touch, a suede floppy hat. I’m just about ready to whip up some beignets in this. (Totally kidding. I can’t cook to save my life lol)AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



If there was a Spring Princess, it would be Punzie. She has the pastel dress, the signature sun, not to mention the flowers in her gorgeous hair. That’s probably another reason she’s one of my favorites. So of course I had to go with one of my favorite dresses too. This maxi is all of the things I love in a dress. It’s long, flowy, and floral in shades of pink and purple. Had to find the perfect accessories for this dress, so I added my pink suede floppy hat, a pink belt, and my go-to sun crossbody for the full Lost Princess effect. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



I don’t necessarily think flowers when I think Merida, so choosing the right floral piece for her was quite difficult at first. But I thought these small white flowers would be something she would find in the fields while horseback riding or practicing archery, so I went with this dark green dress for our brave girl. Wasn’t quite satisfied with the look on its own, so I ended up throwing this men’s flannel over it, and accessorizing with a suede belt, the same booties from before, and a leather satchel crossbody. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line



Last but not least, the girl who loves her island. And since I wanted to capture that island look in my Moana bound, I chose this red wrap midi skirt, a light brown knit top, woven sandals, and a brown wicker bag. Brought out the Heart of Te Fiti, which unlike Maui I did not steal. Lol. (I made it out of polymer clay, in case you were wondering) AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

Loved putting this floral parade together! Especially since it allowed me to get creative with the prints and the colors to still be able to represent each Princess properly. it was such a lovely way to greet this new season. And the best thing about it –  I didn’t even need to look very far for this blog. All I had to do was shop my own closet, and I found everything I needed.

It’s kind of like having everything you need inside you to start anew, isn’t it? 

After all, Spring is the season of new beginnings and new dreams. And this is my little way of sending the message out to the universe, that the world is in need of one right about now.

So here’s hoping that we see our bright and beautiful rainbow after this storm, and that while it’s still pouring, you all stay safe and stay strong.

In the meantime, let’s keep the magic alive dearest friends.



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