Truly Magical: New Year’s Eve Disney Lookbook

It’s the end of another decade.

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed, and how much has happened this past year. I’ll save my recap for a different blog post, but for now, I’d like to share my last lookbook for 2019!

I’ve done so many of these for the past months that I can’t even keep track anymore. It’s been a busy time for the blog, and to be honest, out of all the monthly series I have done here – Disney Capsule Wardrobe, Affordable Disney, and Style to Bound to Cosplay – these Truly Magical Lookbooks are my favorite. So I thought it was only fitting to end the year with one.


Since I celebrate pretty much everything with Disney Style now, I figured I’d welcome 2020 the same way. With fun, dreams, and magic – which is exactly what I hope the next decade will bring.




Being addicted to learning isn’t easy. I love picking up new skills and running with new ideas. But it does get quite exhausting sometimes, especially when I can’t seem to settle on any one thing to do. 2019 was full of new things that started off fun, but that ended with me putting too much of myself into them that I’d forget why I started doing them in the first place. Everything became work, and that’s something I’d definitely like to change.


So this year, I am committed to learning how to relax a little bit more, and to never lose the fun in the things I choose to pursue.


This outfit is a little reminder of that. Since Mickey always puts a smile on my face, I wore this grey shirt with a black and silver starry skirt. Paired them with a cropped leather moto jacket for some sass, my black Mickey cadet hat, and my black ankle boots. This fit was pretty much made for dancing, which I’d actually just tested out quite recently as part of my start-having-more-fun resolution. Lol.




2019 has been a pretty wonderful year for me, and although there have been many, many reasons for that, a large part of that has been finding myself through Disney.


Although I will again share more of this year’s journey in a separate post, I will say that this little online space has provided sanctuary from some difficult realities, and has – more importantly – allowed me to push my creativity, embrace my individuality, and meet a beautiful community of people who inspire me everyday to keep dreaming, and to keep pursuing.


So I thought this Disney belt was the perfect representation of these small, but significant victories. Wore it with what I like to call – my Disney powersuit, since it’s actually quite glittery and colorful if you look closely enough. Slapped on some black strappy heels and stars in my hair, and I’ve got the perfect NYE outfit to start dreaming new dreams in.




Like I said before, 2019 was filled with a lot of new things. This was the year I learned to open my heart and mind to things I never would have said yes to before. This was the year I took risks. Some of them panned out, some of them didn’t. But the ones that did?Pure magic.


So I’d like to welcome the new decade the same way. With risks, with adventure, with courage, and with hope. If there’s anything this year’s ups and downs have taught me, it’s that magic is everywhere. All you need is the strength and willingness to find it.


And personally, there is no symbol of hope and of magic stronger than that of the Disney castle. So when I found this metallic shirt I knew I needed to start my year off in it. Wore a beautiful and bright wrap sequined skirt to go with it, and ears I made to match. Out of the looks in this blog entry, I think this one is my favorite. Simply because it’s the most me – glittery, bright, happy, comfortable yet Princess-ey – topped off with something I proudly made.

“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day”

There you have it, my last Disney outfits for the year! To those who have stuck with me through this little style adventure in 2019, thank you.

Let’s do this 2020. May your star burn even brighter.

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