Truly Magical: Cinderella 70th Anniversary Lookbook

One of my favorite Disney movies of all time turns 70 today! Can you believe it? SEVENTY. Seven decades of music, and hope, and magic.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to gather seven looks I’ve done the past couple of years – a review of bounds, styles, and cosplays I’ve created to celebrate the most iconic Princess of all time – Cinderella.


In case you didn’t know, Ella also happens to be one of my favorite Princesses. I’ve actually done a few blogs about her already (I’ll link them below), talking about how much her quiet strength and unwavering kindness have helped make me into the person I am today. She’s inspired me in so many ways, and has been a steady guiding light throughout my life.

That’s why I’ve dressed up as her so many times. I’ve done everything from casual Disney Style outfits to Disneybounds with my pups, to actual cosplays, and most recently – even a Filipina version of her live action dress. And considering these aren’t even all the Ella looks I’ve done, this really proves just how much I love her character.

“I want to tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer
– Have courage and be kind”

AK+-+Rose+Gold+LineNice and Airy

Cinderella 1.JPG

Only Cinderella can make doing chores look beautiful. When I watched the live action version for the first time and saw her with this hair, I knew immediately that I wanted to recreate it. So this simple Disneybound was put together quite easily – with two hand torn scraps of canvas that I tied around my head, a light blue, flowy off the shoulder top, and white flowers just because. I’ve always loved how pretty she makes everything – even cinders.  AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Cinderella 4.jpg

Breakfast at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel called for something casual but elegant, and this powder blue tulle skirt paired with a plain white tee, a denim jacket with the castle on it, and a matching blue hair bow was the perfect outfit for such a beautiful morning. Topped it off with the ultimate Cinderella bag – this gorgeous clutch from Danielle NicoleAK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale

Cinderella 6.jpg

Cinderella wouldn’t have gotten very far without her two little helpers, and I wouldn’t be quite as happy without mine either. Dressed up my pups Koko and Krunch as Jaq and Gus Gus, and I almost died of cuteness! Lol. Pretty much made all the outfits, (both dog and human) from scratch. The only thing I didn’t make is the same pale blue off shoulder blouse from before. My favorite touch from this group bound has got to be the dog leashes I made from tape measure.AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

Pumpkins and Mice

Cinderella 5.jpg

Using the same little pup outfits, I just upgraded my Disneybound to Cinderella post-fairy-godmother with a pale blue tutu and a white off the shoulder blouse. If you look close enough, I think you can find the glass slipper somewhere – obviously getting ignored. I mean, who needs glass slippers when you’ve got the cutest little mice/pups in the kingdom?AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

Courage and Kindness

Cinderella 3.jpg

I clearly use this tulle skirt a lot lol. It’s one of the first tutus I’ve ever made, and it’s one of my faves too. I love the powdery soft blue color, and I think it captures Cinderella perfectly whether used for Disneybounds or Disney Style outfits. In this case, I used it for a Disney Style look. Added a casual white tee with the words “Have Courage and Be Kind” on it, and combined it with a more dressy element – these sparkly silver shoes. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

Who Is She

Cinderella 7.jpg

My most recent Cinderella look is definitely the one I am most proud of. A reimagining of her as a Filipina, which was part of the 3-part #Prinsesa blog series that I did last month. I transformed her original dress by making the top part of it detachable, and switched it out for a panuelo-style wrap top to make it into a modern day Filipiñana. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line

So This Is Love


And last but not least, the original live action dress. The first time I watched that ball scene I couldn’t take my eyes off of how beautifully her skirt moved. I fell immediately in love with the layers of light blues and lavenders, and knew that one day I had to make that dress for myself. So every time I wear it, I still play La Valse de L’Amour in the background and dance to it. Nothing makes me feel like a Princess quite like this dress. AK+-+Rose+Gold+Line


And nothing is quite as classic as Cinderella. I know there was Snow White before her, but to me personally – the Disney magic really began with the wave of the Fairy Godmother’s wand. Ella twirling into her beautiful ball gown, stepping into her exquisite glass slippers, getting into her lovely carriage pulled by white horses, and going to the ball. It was the first movie that made me want to be a Princess. (Because let’s face it, who wants to get chased by a huntsman, end up in a cabin with 7 strange men, and pretty much die after eating an apple amiright? Lol)


So to my first Princess, Happy 70th Anniversary! As a child, you taught me to believe in dreams and in magic. As an adult, you taught me how to keep that belief alive.

Thank you for everything, Cinderella.


“Where this is kindness, there is goodness.
And where this goodness, there is magic.”

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