Disney Prinsesa: The Filipina Cinderella

Part II of my #DisneyPrinsesa series is here!

As part of my birthday month celebration, I took my original idea last year of making Princess inspired looks out of Philippine fabrics and design elements, and decided to up my game a bit by making Filipina versions of their actual live action costumes instead.


I picked out my 3 favorite Princesses for this, and started off with my childhood heroine Belle (which you can read here).

Next up on this blog series is –



When I was a kid, I saw Cinderella as the perfect Princess. I didn’t have quite as much in common with her as I did with Belle. But to me she was everything a Princess ought to be – graceful, beautiful, soft-spoken, kind, loving. Not to mention, that singing voice. It was the most angelic sound I had ever heard. I may not have related to her much but I did wish I could be more like her.


Then I grew up, and so did she. She got her own live action movie, and my appreciation for Cinderella grew. She wasn’t my ideal Princess just because she looked and acted as a royal should (at least not anymore), but because she had a quiet bravery and strength about her that I could finally, wholeheartedly relate to.


Everything that Cinderella stood for – having courage and being kind – were the things I always worked my hardest to be, especially in adulthood. And just like her, the more of the world I got to know, the more that I realized how easy it was for people to misunderstand both. Sometimes being kind leads to people taking advantage, and sometimes being brave leads to people thinking you don’t need help or sympathy – or worse, that you don’t deserve it.


And sometimes being both means keeping quiet when you are mistreated, because it is the kindest and bravest thing you can do for yourself and those around you. The most difficult part about it, is the very thing that gives you strength is the very thing that tests it. But that’s what Cinderella has taught me – the kindest and most courageous choices are never the easiest ones, but that should never stop you from making them.


That’s why getting to wear this dress was so special to me. It was like being able to represent a part of her. I already have so many photos of myself in her original dress from the Cinderella blog I did ages ago (I talk more about my love for her character there if you’d like to read it). But this time I wanted to represent a part of me through her.


So I made some simple alterations. I made the butterfly shoulder part of the dress detachable, so I could replace it with another modern Filipiñana style top.


This time I chose a powder blue panuelo-style wrap top to match the dress. And I absolutely love how Maria Clara-esque this dress ended up looking, whose character this style of Philippine garb was named after represents femininity and delicacy – something both she and Cinderella share.


I also picked this out because of the painted flowers on the dress. I thought it was the perfect Filipina substitute for the silk butterflies on the original gown. I can only imagine Jaq, Gus Gus, and all of Cinderella’s sweet little friends painting these on for her.


Just like with my Belle dress, I felt immense pride in being able to wear something so close to home, and so close to my heart.

I didn’t think I’d love anything as much as I love Cinderella’s original live action dress, but the Filipina version of it made it all the more special, and all the more magical.

I can’t wait to share the last installment of this blog series! It may be my favorite one, so make sure to check in tomorrow everyone!

“Your majesty, I am not a princess, I have no carriage, no parents, no dowry.
I do not even know if that beautiful slipper will even fit.
But, if it does, will you take me for who I am?”


**If you guys would like to wear versions of your favorite Princesses in your national dress, please let me know! I’d love to see different cultures represented through our beloved Disney characters. Just send me a message on Instagram if you’d like to be featured on the blog and on my IG page. Or just simply use the hashtag #PrincessWhereItMatters. It would be amazing to see the Princesses represented by different nationalities! 

*You can read my first Disney Prinsesa blog here 


*Photography: Christine Day Lorico
*Instagram: @katsiethegeek 



7 thoughts on “Disney Prinsesa: The Filipina Cinderella

  1. David & Laura Speer says:

    Ok, this is now my favorite, but I have others to look at – after lunch we will do more. When I was married (the first time not to David), I had a white ball gown, that I wanted to look as close to a Disney princess dress I could.


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