Andy’s Toy Box: Toy Story Land (Disneybound!)

Possibly my favorite outfits from the whole trip: Woody and Buzz!


I can’t even tell you how much getting to Disneybound these two meant to us.

After watching and crying over Toy Story 4 together, we got out of the cinema and stumbled upon 0917 – Globe Telecom’s clothing brand. After comparing ourselves to Buzz and Woody throughout the movie, seeing these items in the store got an immediate “yes” from us!

Even without a Disney trip or occasion planned, we knew we wanted to Disneybound our favorite duo together.


Of course fast forward to a few weeks later when we scheduled our last minute trip to Hong Kong – and we suddenly found ourselves the perfect setting for our Disneybounds: Toy Story Land in Hong Kong Disneyland.


As soon as we were booked, the first thing I did was make our Toy Story ears. All of the fabric and materials I used I already had on hand.


It’s a good thing I keep all my fabric scraps! Otherwise I would have never been able to do my late night ear-making to calm my pre-Disney energy and excitement. Lol.


For my Buzz Lightyear ears, I just used white fabric, green felt, sequinned purple fabric, and my sparkly EVA foam for the buttons and wings.


And for Woody – yellow, white, red, and black felt, a red bandana, wooden buttons, and rope around each ear. I also put visible stitches by the bow to mimic the stitches on his hat.


For my outfit, I just used my white denim skirt and my green tank top for the perfect Buzz Lightyear ensemble.


And I found so many adorable spots in the land that really made me feel like a real toy.


Also, this jacket says “Space Ranger” in the back – how perfect is that??


I feel like Star Command would approve. Don’t you?


I also met up with my old pal, RC.


And we got to go on a little ride together.


We had an absolute blast hanging out with Andy’s toys!

To the Woody to my Buzz, thank you for an amazing day. You’ve got a friend in me, to infinity and beyond!



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