Pretty in Pink Disney Style: Gingham Galore!

I’ve always had a fascination with picnics. As a kid I remember putting together a simple basket (the one we used to store our fruits) with peanut butter sandwiches and iced tea, and heading to our neighborhood park ready to read and relax by the trees. Of course we didn’t have much of a park really. We did have a small playground with a nice little patch of grass, where I sat for all of 10 minutes before realizing that Manila heat and humidity wasn’t ideal for picnics.


Still, I’ve always been in love with the idea. And to this day whenever opportunity permits, I take picnics when I travel – or more likely, I dress like a picnic table instead. Lol.

Seriously though, I’ve been in love with gingham forever. I’d wear it in every color and in every style if I could. So when I thought about Disneyland in the summer, my mind immediately gravitated to that picnic print I’ve loved since I was a little girl.


Since gingham is so nostalgic for me, I decided to wear this outfit for a day filled with recreating all of my fondest childhood Disney memories. First on the list: Mad Hatter Teacups – my very first Disney ride.


I hadn’t been on this ride since I was 7 for fear of getting nauseous, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I could still take it, and very much enjoy it. (In case you didn’t know, I get horrible motion sickness. Boo adulthood)


Going forward on this nostalgia train, I figured I’d go pay my pal Dumbo a visit too.


Believe it or not, it was actually raining before we took this picture, and I just kept it open even when it stopped because the sun decided to shine with a vengeance.


Oh Dumbo, being absolutely adorable as always.


I also passed by Fairy Tale Forest and flew some lanterns, then stopped by to see what Lumiere and the gang were up to as well.


Of course, I would never miss this childhood fave for anything in the small, small world.


In case you were wondering about my outfit, I decided to make my gingham top in my favorite color, and in my favorite style – off shoulder. I also made ears to match, with a rose gold bow. Paired it with a white denim skirt for that full summery picnic effect.


There’s something so satisfying about seeing light pink and white with the pastels of It’s a Small World to complement them.

IMG_6833And yes, of course I made Ayn her own set in her favorite color and style too.


Loved traipsing around Disney in these outfits! Power colors are real guys. I can never go to Disney without incorporating at least one pink outfit, and as far as summer goes, this was the perfect one.


We had an absolutely magical day, and if after all these photos you still don’t believe me, I’ve got all the proof you need in these 15 seconds:



“The story comes alive, when we look inside.
new adventure there in your life, there in your eyes.
It’s just beginning, feel your heart beat faster.
Reach out and find your happily ever after”


*If you want to see more of our day, check out my IG stories to see the very special someone we met on this trip. All I can say is, it was EPIC.





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