Three Magical Days (Day 3)


Just because there were only 2 day park tickets in our package, it didn’t mean we were only going to limit ourselves to two days of Disney fun! Since we took a late flight home, we decided to make ample use of our last day.

I made three sets of outfits for the three Disney resorts in Hong Kong Disneyland. Because by golly we were going to hang out in all of them!

*If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe start with Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.

Disney Explorer’s Lodge

But first, breakfast! We scheduled the biggest and best breakfast for our last day, so we could take our time eating (which next to talking and laughing is our favourite pastime). And the Dragon Wind at Disney Explorer’s Lodge did not disappoint.


Just look at how gorgeous it is!


Not only was there an incredible quantity of cuisine selections, the quality was superb as well!


And of course I went for all the Mickey shaped things!


And the best part? It was character dining too! And we saved the king and queen for last. Hello Explorer Mickey and Minnie!


After we had our fill of ridiculously good food, we did what you’re supposed to do in an Explorer’s Lodge: explore.


And boy did we find some beautiful places.


For this hotel, we wore different shades of brown, and I made us matching gold Minnie ears.


And I have to say, out of all three hotels, this one is the best. It’s the most themed, most detailed, and most interesting. I think we made a pretty good choice on where to stay.


We got to wear our matching bracelets too! We each had the song titles of our respective princess on it. Tale as Old as Time, In a World of My Own, and You’ll Be in My Heart.


Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Then we packed our bags, left them at the front desk, checked out, and headed to the snazziest hotel in town: The Disneyland Hotel. Although the prettiest of the bunch, there was the least amount of Disney theming in this one.



Cinderella bound

For this hotel, I made pastel tulle skirts that we paired with matching bows and plain white tops.




Oh how we loved to twirl in them!

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

And for our last hangout of the day, we went retro.


One of my favorites! I made matching gingham skirt and top sets for this hotel, with plain old Mickey ears.


And check out who we ran into!


I couldn’t leave without one last Mickey Ice Cream Bar could I?


As the sun set on our first Disney trip, we walked back to our hotel for some last minute shopping. We weren’t quite ready to leave, but someone dropped by to send us off!



Thanks Goofy!


This was without a doubt, one of the most magical birthdays I’ve ever had. So much so, that this might just be the start of an annual tradition. We’re looking at you Tokyo Disneyland!


Thank you Ayn and Anna for being the kindest, sweetest, and most incredibly fun Disnerds I could have ever asked to share this trip with. You’ve not only made my birthday magical, but my life magical too. Thank you for the singalongs, the dancealongs, the intense and almost debilitating laughter, the happy tears, and the love. 
At 28, you were the best surprise I got for my birthday. At 30, you were the family I got for life. Love you to Disney and back.

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.” — Winnie The Pooh

*If you want to know more about the package we got, feel free to ask questions! I can do a separate post about it too if you’re interested. Just let me know! Have a magical day!


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