Pink Princess

Saved the best for last on this Tokyo Disney Style Blog.

I’ve been going to Disney in pink ever since I was a child. And before rose gold and millennial pink were a thing, blush was the color I’ve always felt prettiest and most confident in. So now that I’m older, I make sure that there is always at least one pink day – especially on my birthday trips.


And let me tell you, I think this may be the most pink outfit I’ve ever worn. And this includes the outfits my mom and I wore on our last Disney trip, which were already pretty extra.


Once again, the challenge was to adjust my outfit to winter. So I immediately picked out this blush coat I’ve had for a while.


And I knew I wanted to reuse this rose gold sequined skirt I made for my Anaheim trip, so I had to go the extra mile with my thermal tights, thermal knee high socks, and boots.


This cashmere sweater kept me pretty toasty though, and yes I had a thermal undershirt in there too for extra protection.


To offset the pink, I made sure to put in some brown pieces like my suede belt and boots.


Because yes, even my bag and gloves were pink. Just look at that adorable Minnie purse! It’s my current obsession! And those bows! So girly and so cute.

I also brought along a pink beret – you know, er… for warmth!

Who am I kidding? I’m that person. Lol.


To accessorize, I wore this rose gold Mickey and Minnie wrap necklace, Tangled rings I bought in the parks the day before, and a Mickey pin that I stuck on my beret.


Yes, that is a pink Mickey phone case. And yes, that is mine. I promise that’s the last pink thing I wore this day.


Although I did take a photo by this pink teapot again.


What can I say, my birthday trip, my color! Just look how happy it made me! Lol.


Because my friends are awesome, they wore pink for me too!


And I love how we can show off our individual styles even when we’re in the same color.


So there you have it. These pictures may be my favorites from the entire trip.


And I think this may have been my favorite day as well, even though it was our last full one in Disneyland.


I can’t wait for our next Disney adventure! And no matter how strange it may seem, I can’t wait to plan my next Pink Princess outfit too!

“Pink is a beautiful color, because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.”

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