Steamboat Willie

Here we are. The OG.


If there was one character that I had always wanted to bound, it was this guy. The Mouse that started it all.


Mickey has the absolute best style ever, amiright? It’s like no matter which look he’s in, he always manages to look cool and chic.


So after seeing this adorable bag and hat, I knew exactly which version of him I had to do next. I knew I wanted to keep the black and white effect, so I went for the obvious color choices.


Since it was still the height of winter, I reused the boots and coat (without the fur lining on the hood) from my Anna bound, slapped on a pair of grey pants, a black turtleneck, and a Mickey printed black and white neck scarf.


Also how PERFECT is this lovely little spot in Disney Sea?? It’s just. It’s everything. The boats. The SEA. I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for this bound.


You’re whistling the Steamboat Willie tune in your head, aren’t you? Because I definitely am.


Such a lovely day aboard the SS Colombia. I can’t wait to style my next Mickey bound! Can anyone guess which one I’m planning next?

For now, this is your Captain Wille, signing off and setting sail for the next adventure: The Hundred Acre Wood!

If you’re only tuning in now, I’ve got two style blogs from this trip already up! You can read the first one here, and the second one here.



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