Toontown Bound

Okay, so this next one isn’t necessarily a bound, but more of a Disney style ensemble. It takes me back to those days as a kid where I’d go to the parks in a Mickey shirt and a hat and call it a day. This is what I would call a “ride day” outfit, because it’s practical for a whole day of gallivanting around the parks (not that I go on that many rides lol)


And since this reminded me so much of being a kid in a Mickey tee, I figured why not take photos of this in the place that reminds me most of my childhood as well – Toontown.


Growing up, Disney consisted of two places for me. The castle, and Toontown. It was just so wonderfully colorful that every time I’d visit the park it was the one place that I always wanted to hang out in – which was absolutely perfect for this bright yellow outfit.


Since our tops were already matching, we decided to pick the other items according to our individual styles.


I went for my staples: knee high boots, high waisted denim, a long coat, and of course, a beret.


Loved the yellow with black and brown. It was just the right amount of color for this insane background.


For our Ayn, our walking Toontown, this is what she wore.


All black with her simple Mickey ears.


Isn’t she just perfect for this place?


And for our Anna, she went with this cosy look:


Black, and her signature grey.



What a Jolly Holiday this was! It was the perfect tribute to our main mouse. The perfect Disney day.


So before the day really ended, we needed to pay a very special visit first.


Thank you dearest Walt, for making our million dreams come true.

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”
– Walt Disney

In case you’re just tuning in now, this is already the 5th installment of this Tokyo Disney Style Blog. You can read the first ones here:

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