#KatsieDisneyStyle: 1 Lion King Shirt, 3 Different Ways

After 25 years, we are just a few lion sleeps away from hearing Simba’s roar back on the big screen. And just as how I’ve felt with every Disney live action remake so far, I am both nervous and excited – especially for this one.

The Lion King was such a big part of my childhood – its music absolutely unforgettable, its dialogue superb, its storyline the first of its kind. Plus it’s my dad’s favourite Disney movie – which pretty much made it a Sunday morning staple growing up.


This movie is a true Disney classic, so I was really skeptical at first. How exactly would you make a “live action” film about talking and singing lions? But when the first trailer dropped, my jaw did too. It looked visually stunning! (I mean, did you see that gorgeous Rafiki clip with the fireflies??) And I am looking forward to seeing how Disney and Jon Favreau have made this masterpiece into a familiar, yet brand new work of art.

Lion King merch has started to line store shelves in anticipation of the big day, and instead of buying all of them (though believe me I was tempted to), I decided to do something more practical. I got one shirt instead, and figured I’d show you 3 different ways to style it. So for those of you who are looking for some outfit inspo for the Lion King premiere, keep reading.


This is the shirt that I picked out. Simba and Nala look absolutely adorable, the fabric is so soft, and the colors are so pretty! Stradivarius is killing the Disney tshirt game!

*I can’t find this exact shirt anymore, but you can find a similar one here



Although I wouldn’t particularly call it a date night sort of movie since you’ll probably be crying throughout most of it, this is the outfit I put together for those of you who are brave enough to risk runny mascara on a date lol. But hey if we’re being honest here you’ll probably end up crying together anyway. I mean, I dare you to find anyone who says they didn’t cry when Mufasa… when he… when that… happened. #stillnotoverit

LK1Anywayyy, for this first look I am bringing out the leopard print!

This is actually a maxi dress underneath. I just tucked the shirt into the belt to make it look like a maxi skirt. Paired this with a brown oversized knit cardigan to keep you warm, brown sandals, a woven bag, and a floppy hat you can use both for the summer sun and your swollen eyes after the movie lol.



  • Leopard print maxi: Forever 21
  • Knit cardigan: Zara 
  • Brown Belt: Uniqlo 
  • Brown sandals: Aldo 
  • Woven bag: Metro Department Store
  • Suede floppy hat: SM Department Store 


For those of you catching Lion King with your friends straight from work, here is the outfit for you – a little corporate, and a lot of fun.


For this look, I went with black high waisted trousers, a brown blazer, brown ankle boots, and a woven clutch with leather trim. I added a yellow beret to match the yellow on Simba’s fur.

This is still work appropriate right? I mean I’m sure your boss won’t realize you weren’t listening during the meeting because you were singing Hakuna Matata in your head all day, right? Lol.



  • Black high waisted trousers: Zara
  • Brown blazer: H&M 
  • Brown Belt: Uniqlo 
  • Brown boots: Naturalizer
  • Woven bag: Mango 
  • Yellow beret: Divisoria  


We’ve all been there – that lazy, hazy summer day. If I could show up to the mall on a Sunday morning in my Lion King shirt and pajamas, that would be perfect. But I don’t want to be kicked out before I even get a chance to watch the movie, so here’s a lazy Sunday outfit that still looks themed and put together.


These paper bag shorts are a gift to mankind. So, so comfy and cute! Topped off the look with a leopard print hairscarf, another woven bag (what can I say I live in the Philippines lol), and my favorite slip ons. This is as close to pajamas as I can get.



  • Brown paperbag shorts: Forever 21
  • Slip on sneakers: Vans 
  • Leopard print hairscarf: H&M
  • Woven bag: Divisoria  


“Life’s greatest adventure is finding your place in the circle of life”

So there you have it – 3 very different looks to bring out your roar for one of the biggest Disney films of all time! The Lion King opens in 10 days, and I just can’t wait!





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