Portkey Events | The Team

The Friendship behind the company


Portkey Events | The Team

Team photo by Daily Prophet photographer Paw Castillo


People who look at this photo for the first time always think that these laughing faces have been the best of friends for several years. But I will let you in on a little secret. Two of these girls I only met in August of last year, and two of them I only met in December. If you actually count the days that we’ve spent together, you’ll probably end up with only a month’s worth of coffee dates, dinner dates, breakfast dates, and sleepovers. But if I’m being honest with you, I’ve rarely felt so free and so comfortable and so happy with new friends as I do with them. You know why? Because long before we met, we were already going on adventures together. Long before we met, we already agreed on our principles and our beliefs. Long before we met, we were already meant to be friends. Because we all grew up with one common friend: Harry.

Some people might find that a very loose and shallow basis for friendship, but I beg to differ. Potterheads make an Unbreakable Vow with each other the moment they open the first book, regardless of distance and circumstance. And as they get older, they find that family easily – people who understand and accept and love them for who they are, because that’s what they grew up with. That’s what they know. That’s who they are. And that’s pretty wonderful if you ask me.

Finding these girls felt like the most natural thing in the world. And even I was fooled by the length of time that we’ve actually known each other. Because to me, they’re already my sisters. And I love them like the sisters I never had.

Portkey Events, Inc. has always been a dream of mine. But truthfully I never knew how to begin. Then all of a sudden this is where I find myself, barely a month in it with this spectacular team, ready to take on the world. Already our plans are moving, and it’s quite funny to think that that fun girls night a few weeks ago would lead to this. A company of five. Actual #squadgoals

“When are you going to get it into your head?! We’re in this together!”                                 – Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I am so thankful for this group. And I cannot wait to see where life takes us. Let’s do this team!

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A Very Potter Party

How Portkey Events Began – The Harry Potter Journey

One of my favourites. A Harry Potter Moving Christmas card, because Christmas cards that don’t move are for Muggles.

I’ve always loved entertaining. Even when I was younger, I loved the idea of sleepovers and movie marathons and themed parties. I love transforming my home into different places. That’s why every year on my birthday, I have to have a theme. One year I had a luau with everyone wearing flowers behind their ears and around their necks. One year I had a circus with clowns and magicians, cotton candy and hotdog stands. One year I had everyone dress in their 90’s best, with beer pong and flip cup and The Backstreet Boys playing in the background. I’ve always looked forward to these parties, and I’ve always managed to make them work even with limited prep time – something I’m quite proud of. Allowing people the opportunity to dress up in things they would never wear in public – it tore down a lot of walls, made people lose their inhibitions (with or without alcohol), and it made for some AWESOME fun.

But I only got to do it once a year.

And although I always had a great time, I never actually got to do the themes that I really really wanted to do, because I didn’t think anyone else would find it fun.

Until I met them. People like me. Potterheads. Adults, who like me, locked Hogwarts away in a secret part of their hearts, and somehow lost the key in the process of growing up. Adults, who like me, were secretly waiting and looking for the key to free their home from its cage. When we met, we discovered the key in each other. We were finally home. And we found that what we left trapped and hidden for so long was more beautiful and more majestic than we remembered. Because this time, we understood more. We knew more. We loved more. And we had each other, to remind one another that even adults need magic too.

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