La Estrella

Right in the middle of the roller coaster of a first year for Portkey Events, came an opportunity to do a very different kind of show. Having put Flamenco on the back burner for months, I was out of practice, and I was more used to twirling my wand than my skirt. But inspiration struck, and I knew in my gut that this was something I had to explore. And I am so glad I took that leap.


Arman Ferrer | Katsie Llave | David Ezra

Having been blessed with a roster of amazingly talented friends, I soon found myself working with not just one, but two of the best singers in the country – Arman Ferrer and David Ezra, a handful of theater actors, a wiz of a guitarist, a director who truly believed, and friends who loved me enough to give theater and Flamenco a try for the first time in their lives.

With this spectacular team assembled, then came the sleepless nights of brainstorming, listening and lining up Spanish and Flamenco songs, and coming up with a beautiful story woven through these songs about friendship and love.  Continue reading



My first show of 2016

Ole! with Philippine Opera Company

“Ole!” A Concert Staged by the Philippine Opera Company | January 16, 2016

What a night it was! Flamenco, zarzuela, opera, and a bit of pop with the talented members of the Philippine Opera Company, and some very special guest artists from different parts of the globe.

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