A New Year Message

My first ever blog post. Wow. Who would have thought I’d ever get into blogging? (more on that later)

Technically though, this “things I’ve learned” thing I have here is a little old, because I wrote it on New Year’s Eve and posted it on Facebook. Meh. It’s still the beginning of the New Year for me, so here it goes! So, from my nerdy heart to yours, Harry Happy New Year!

Photo by Khrister Llave Tattoo by The Skin City Temporary Tattoos

Photo by Khrister Llave
Tattoo by The Skin City Temporary Tattoos

Looking back at the parties and costumes and excitement of the past year, I realize now how truly magical it has been. This year I reconnected with a part of me I thought I had forgotten. This year I opened the part of my heart in which these things were kept and allowed myself to understand why the stories I loved so much as a child never truly left me – It wasn’t the spells and fight scenes and princess dresses. It was because I still had so much more to learn.

“…adventure only truly begins when you learn to embrace it”

The Hobbit taught me that I shouldn’t be afraid of change. That adventure only truly begins when you learn to embrace it.

The Lord of the Rings taught me that no matter how defeated you are, no matter how many people are against you, no matter how small and insignificant you feel, keep walking. Keep fighting. Because it will always be worth it in the end.

Star Wars taught me that there is evil in all of us. But there is also good. You will always have the strength inside you to choose good.

Disney taught me that it’s okay to dream, even when you think you’re too old to believe.

Supernatural taught me that family does not end with blood. Treasure every family you have, and always put them first.

The Hunger Games taught me that no relationship is worth sacrificing your principles and beliefs for. Stand by them, and stand strong, because there will always be a dandelion in the spring. There will always be hope.

Sherlock taught me that no matter how different you are, you will never be alone. There will always be at least one person who understands and loves you. And that is enough.

Harry Potter taught me that given the choice to do what is right and what is easy, always choose what is right. And above all to do everything with love. For love is the most powerful thing in the world.

These were my lessons in 2015. Although these things were written in my heart when I was a child, I only truly understood their value as an adult. I welcome 2016 with these gifts.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my 2015. To those sticking around for the ride, I love you. Let’s do this!

“Everything happens for a reason”


4 thoughts on “A New Year Message

  1. Aprajita Rana says:

    I so relate to all of these….its funny how even i have started blogging fairly recently! Looking forward for more posts from you! 🙂


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