Happy New Year from the Llave family!

I realize this is a late greeting, but Happy New Year anyway! It’s a new blog after all. Besides, these pictures were just so much fun to do that I had to post them!

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

Here are the wacky Llave siblings:

Katsie Llave

That’s the eldest (Doctor – yes I am bragging, yes I am proud) Karel, me, and (you will always be) my little brother, Khrister


And of course, here are my adorable parents:

Carlo and Tess

Carlo and Tess


Hope you’re all having a wonderful year so far!

Love, Katsie

*DIY: Made the photo background out of black cloth and  black&white buntings, and added gold balloons and photobooth props (like masks and crowns) to make it more fun. Also, we’re a family of matching outfits (because tradition), so the photos look more uniformed.



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