My 2017

Another year has come to a close. Another year to be thankful for. Another crazy, beautiful, wonderful year where so much has happened, I can hardly believe it all fit in 365 days. Like every year, there were many ups and downs – mostly ups. People who left, people who came, and of course, people who stayed. Things that went perfectly, things that didn’t quite turn out as planned, and things that ended up being some of the best surprises I’ve ever received. So here I am again at the last hours of the year, looking back at the gift that was 2017, and looking onward with excitement at what 2018 holds.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this incredible year. I’ve got some special mentions down below, but I’m sending this message out to everyone. If you gave even just a second of your time to the 525,600 minutes of my 2017, I am thankful for you.

If you’re staying for the ride, buckle your seatbelts because I already know 2018 will be quite the adventure.



Happy New Year!!!




There’s nothing I can say that will do justice to the love I hold for my family. Just earlier today my parents and I were dancing and laughing in the elevator to embarrass my younger brother (as older sisters and parents do), and the man who shared the elevator with us said “Ang saya nyo naman. Yan ang hinahanap ko sa pamilya ko” (You guys are so happy. That’s what I look for in my family) And my first thought was, “Please, join us”! Just little things like that remind me how lucky I am to have a family like mine.

How many brothers would dress up and go to Comicon with you? How many cousins would spend their weekends watching movies and crafting with you? How many titas would embrace you and say “I am so happy to see you” every time you meet? How many parents would say “I love you” countless times a day? And even my little pups, who always put a smile on my face make me look at my life and say “I must have done something good”. I know that whatever comes my way, these are the people who make me feel like I can take anything life throws at me.




One of my biggest blessings this year was being able to spend time with my very best friend in the world. Twice! After four years apart, we got to spend time with each other twice. I never got to thank you properly sweetie. Usually when someone comes home from another country, I adjust my schedule to entertain them and take care of them. With you it was the complete opposite. You just jumped back into my life like you never left, and you took care of me. You chose to come home for my show and help out, instead of coming back on a slow month so we could have time to ourselves. How selfless can you get? So I am so, so happy that we got some vacation time after that too. Soloviento was perfect, and Disneyland and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with you was a dream come true. But no matter where we go, you my dear are my ultimate source of magic. Thank you for being you. I love you!



Portkey Team

And then there were three. How many times can I thank the universe for you two? Not enough. Never enough. Thank you for being two of the bravest, kindest, and most beautiful souls I’ve ever had the honor to meet. Two years with you, and I feel like we’ve already shared a lifetime. We’ve gone through so much, yet here we are about to make the biggest leap of all. And instead of being scared, I’m excited and wonderfully happy, because I’m making this jump with you. 2018 is going to be crazy! But I know that at the end of the day, we’ll come home to what makes us work. A solid foundation of trust, respect, kindness, openness, love, and laughter. Lots and lots and lots of laughter. See you soon! 2 weeks apart is too long guys! Vacation over!




My core. Half of my life I’ve had you three, and there’s a special kind of happiness knowing that I’ll have you for the rest of it. Even though it takes a ridiculous amount of time to settle on a schedule every time we meet, I know that we are all off doing things that make us who we are, and that when we are together again, it’s always as if we were never apart. I am so proud of you guys. You’re three of the smartest, strongest, kindest, and best women I know. And I will love you forever. See you in a few days!




I know we’ve hardly been able to see each other lately. We’ve both been so busy. But I’ve got you, and you’ve got me. And that’s really all that matters. I have so much pride and love for you. You know this already. And it’s wonderful knowing that whatever happens, wherever we go, you will always be one of the people I can call my Home. Miss you Disney Kid. See you soon!



Plato and Privatus

To Chef AJ, Mark, Joan, and the entire Privatus Team, you are all so generous and kind, we never know what to do with ourselves. We feel so honored to share our events with you, because so much of your soul shines through your work. You’ve shown us true passion and heart, and kindness, and for that we will always be grateful.

To Ross, Joey, and Chandler: Monica, Phoebe, and I are so glad we met you. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you are the biggest gift that Portkey received this year. Thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter to the table, that not once did we feel that we were actually working. The Portkey community is our family, and we would never share it with just anyone. But you guys – our male counterparts, are the very best kind of people. So it was so easy to open our arms and hearts to you. You’re our family too now. There is no escape. *evil laugh* Looking forward to many, many more projects with you.



La Estrella

What a ride. But what made it truly special were the people in it. There’s nothing like performing with friends. Thank you for sharing your time and talents, all of you. I never have time to dance anymore, so those two months of rehearsing with you, dancing with you, crying with you, and laughing with you were a true gift. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to share the stage with. I love you, and I miss you all!

Love, Carina



Portkey Community

The reason we do what we do. The people who make up our constantly growing family. We know we’ve been away for a bit, but that’s only because we’re planning something bigger and better for you. We miss you, our dear Portkey friends. We promise to see you soon! Thank you for making the past two years our very best. Happy New Year!


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Let’s dance to 2018!


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

– Walt Disney






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