What’s in my Disney Park Bag

Since I’m heading to Hong Kong Disneyland in about 10 days time, I figured I’d show you what I take with me inside the Disney Parks. This doesn’t really change regardless of which park I go to, as I pretty much have my Disney routine down pat.

On my last post, someone asked me what kind of bag is the most practical choice for Disneyland. For me, it’s a crossbody. I don’t really like taking backpacks because you need to swing it in front of you every time you need to get something, and I sweat more when I have something stuck to my back all day. With a crossbody, you can choose to make it hands free, when you’re tired you can switch shoulders, or carry it on the crook of your arm or in your hands. Now depending on what I’m going to do for that particular day, I bring different sized bags.


For a ride day, where my only goal for the day is to finish all the attractions on my list, I bring a bag like this:



I love this. It’s a pretty decent sized barrel bag, and it’s enough to carry all my essentials without getting a locker. It’s quite sturdy as well so I know that it can survive a good long day inside the parks. Plus it’s Mickey Mouse. Need I say more?

Here’s what’s in my Mickey bag:

1. Wallet

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Kate Spade

2. Umbrella

When I have an umbrella in my bag, I normally skip the raincoat and hat. I can’t find mine at the moment, but I usually just buy one at the Department Store before my trip.

3. Waterproof bag


Since I always bring my camera, I just leave the case at the hotel and bring this foldable waterproof bag instead. I only put it in the case when it rains anyway, so this is even better. Waterproof and foldable. If you choose to do this though, just be careful with your camera throughout the day.

4. Electronics pouch

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I always bring my phone charger and an extra SD card for my camera. Powerbanks are too bulky and heavy, and they usually have charging stations by the lockers anyway.

5. Extra sweater



Since I’m going to Hong Kong in January, which is their coldest month, I’m bringing an extra sweater instead of an extra shirt. Plus, it does get pretty chilly at night so it’s good to have something to layer with. (And yes that’s how I fold my clothes when I travel)

6. First aid Kit


I’ve got the basic meds in there for my particular needs, bandaids, alcohol, and well – lady things.

7. Tissue and Wipes

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8. Makeup Kit


I’m pretty low maintenance on the makeup front in the parks, since all I really do are eyebrows and eyeliner. So I just have the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Caramel, the Aqua Eyeliner from Makeup Forever (which lasts forever), the Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Powder, Vaseline lip balm, oil blotting sheets, and an extra hair tie.

9. Small Thermos

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t buy plastic water bottles in Disneyland. They’re overpriced and unnecessary. The park has water refilling stations everywhere, and all the restaurants will gladly fill up your water bottle for free. Just bring a small one so it’s easy to take with you.

10. Phone


I have the iPhone 7 in rose gold, and it still works perfectly for me. The phone case I got from Disneyland, and it’s the best and prettiest one I’ve ever had.



And again, even with my phone, I still always bring my Canon 70D with me. It does get heavy after a while, but I’ve gotten so used to traveling with it already that I feel naked without it.


For a relaxed day at the park, where I spend most of my time watching shows and doing character meet and greets, that’s when I Disneybound. This also means that I wear, well… slightly less practical clothing – skirts, flowy tops, and the like. So I usually get a locker in case I want to change into something more casual at the end of the day.

This is the bag I use to store my locker items:
Processed with VSCO with 6 preset


It’s perfect size-wise, and it works well because it folds into the space easily.

Here’s what’s in my Locker bag:

1. Extra clothes

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Sweater: Bershka | Jeans: Old Navy

When I’m done Disneybounding, I always bring my go-to jeans and sweater.

2. Sneakers



Tried and tested, this is my favorite walking shoe. It’s my second pair already because I wore the other one until its death.

3. Minnie Ears


Yes, I also bring an extra pair of Minnie ears to go with my casual outfit. I’m that person. (And if you haven’t sensed a theme yet I’d be very surprised)

4. Umbrella

I usually just take the umbrella out when the rain is heavy, so I just leave this in the locker for emergencies.

5. Electronics Bag

Explained this one up top.


This is the bag I actually use to go around the park:

Danielle Nicole

Since I’m Disneybounding as Belle on this upcoming trip, I figured Mrs. Potts would be perfect. This adorable crossbody is super tiny though, so you can really only bring the bare necessities. Not as sturdy as the Loungefly line, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for anything Beauty and the Beast.

Here’s what’s in my Mrs. Potts bag:

1. Card holder



This was a gift from my aunt just this Christmas actually, and it’s great because it’s compact but it has enough slots for IDs, credit cards, and just enough cash. Perfect for a smaller bag.

2. Rain coat

Processed with VSCO with kp8 preset


Uniqlo is so good at these. They’re so lightweight and compact, and they do the job quite well.  Since it’s so easy to fit it in my tiny bag, it can tide me over until I get my umbrella from the locker if the rain is strong.

3. Scarf


Ever New

Since I’m going in winter, this will be perfect in case it gets chilly.

4. First Aid Kit, Makeup Kit, Waterproof bag, and Phone

Again, just the basics, explained up top.

*And of course, I still have my camera.

There you have it – all my park essentials. Hope this helps you on your next adventure. I will also do a What’s in my Disney travel bag before I leave for the Happiest Place on Earth! So stay tuned!

“You’re never too old to be young.” – Snow White






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