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Tokyo Disney Sea – what Disney travelers call the best park in the world. And for very good reason.


Having only seen photos of the world famous Disney Sea, I couldn’t quite decide which character I wanted to Disneybound. There were so many choices. So many magical lands.


Then I saw it. Mermaid Lagoon. The colors looked so vibrant and the theming looked absolutely incredible, I knew in an instant that Ariel was it. So Under the Sea we went.


My mom, being the awesome woman that she is, decided to Disneybound Ursula. She’s always said that villains are more fun and more fabulous.


In my mom’s case, she’s absolutely right.

For her outfit, we went with a black maxi skirt for the full Sea Witch effect, sparkly black flats, a lace top, and a purple sash. Here’s a closer look at the ears I made her:


We tied her sash to look like a shell, and she wore purple earrings as well as a black choker with a conch on it. And of course Ursula can’t do without her fabulous red lip.

IMG_3220 2.jpg

“My dear, sweet child. That’s what I do. It’s what I live for, to help unfortunate merfolk, like yourself, poor souls with no one else to turn to.” – Ursula


And as for me,  I went for the full mermaid makeover. I couldn’t very well traipse around in a seashell bra and a tail, so I went for a more comfortable alternative. A purple off shoulder top, tucked into a green sparkly skirt.


And look! I even got legs!


One of my favourite things about Disneybounding is that you never think to put certain colors together. But then you get to the parks, and magic happens. Just look at the purples and greens in this photo!


For my ears, I made something a little different. One ear is Ariel’s shell bra, the other ear is her tail. Then I used a red bow to represent her hair. And of course I had to add a Dinglehopper. No Ariel look would be complete without it.


“Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?”  – Ariel

Mermaid Lagoon (and Disney Sea as a whole) went above and beyond my wildest dreams. What an honor it was to step foot in such a beautifully made place. Human talent and creativity at its finest.


Thank you Disney, for allowing us to be part of your magical, beautiful world.

“Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there.” – Sebastian


For part 1 of this Tokyo Disney style blog, click here.

*All outfits and ears are DIY

*Shop my flats here. They are so incredibly comfortable I couldn’t believe how well they lasted in the parks!

*In case you’re wondering, I didn’t write a Tokyo Disney travel guide since everything you need to know is readily available on this awesome site that I read through before the trip! Give it a read. You won’t regret it!

Next post: Tangled Bound!



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