Live Your Dream

Ever since I was a kid, I’d had two favourite Princesses: Belle and Cinderella. Belle because I could relate to her most, and Cinderella because she just represented the ultimate Disney Princess for me. But lately one other Princess has been climbing my list. With her hair.



I can count on one hand the number of situations I am truly able to sit still. When I’m reading, and when I’m eating. That’s pretty much it. I can’t even Netflix and chill without looking for something else to do mid-movie. I just like to keep myself busy – my friends would say ridiculously so. I can pretty much sing, dance, sew, read, work, and paint all in one morning, and still feel bored. So when I heard Rapunzel’s When Will My Life Begin I thought, wow. This girl gets me.


So when it came to deciding my next Disneybound, it was a pretty simple choice.


I mean, let’s talk about this outfit for a sec. It’s all of my favourite things – blush pink, lavender, off shoulder, maxi skirt, sparkly, bohemian. Add a flower crown and that gorgeous lantern bag and I’m set. This is when my life begins.


“I could go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding, and splashing, and reeling, and finally feeling 

– that’s when my life begins!”


Of course you can’t have Punzie without Mother Gothel.


And who better to Disneybound her than my gorgeous mom?


I swear the woman has her own supply of that magic golden flower somewhere. She just doesn’t age.


Look at her gleam and glow in this red velvet dress. She added gold hoop earrings and a gold belt as well to complete the Gothel look. Mother really does know best.


She even carried a basket with all the ingredients for my favourite Hazelnut Soup!


“I love you most” 

Despite the rain and the cold (you can see people behind us in jackets and umbrellas), this truly was the BEST. DAY. EVER.


“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

*Outfits and flower crown are all DIY. But you can shop my super comfy flats here.

*My Tangled lantern bag is currently unavailable on the site, but you can find other amazing choices here.

*In case you’re wondering, I didn’t write a Tokyo Disney travel guide since everything you need to know is readily available on this awesome site that I read through before the trip! Give it a read. You won’t regret it!

*Photos by Ivana of Sweet Escape

*You can read part 1 of this Tokyo Disney blog here. And part 2 here.




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